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SAFISubsequent Address Family Identifier
SAFISavings and Fertilizer Initiative (farming)
SAFIStudent Alliance for Israel (University of Massachusetts)
SAFISemi-Automatic Flight Inspection
SAFISubaddress-Family Identifier
SAFISoutheast Asia Food, Inc.
SAFIShort-Term Average Failure Intensity
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The new Safi harbor is expected to contribute, when ready to operate, to the functioning of Safi's new thermal power station, launched in December 2018, which requires 10,000 tonnes of charcoal daily.
Meanwhile, a child was killed while three others were seriously injured when two groups exchanged fire in Ziarat area of Safi tehsil on Saturday, residents said.
Ms Safi said the worms might also be used as feed for fish and chicken.
In 2017, during the property's opening , Safi was on board as director of F&B.
It was an unusual spectacle for scores of Pakistanis who visited the Pakistan Association Dubai auditorium to witness the oratory skills of 12-year-old Hammad Safi, the youngest motivational speaker from Pakistan.
Safi was active in the "We Want to Live" movement in Gaza that demanded better living conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Safi where peace has been restored after long militancy and the business activity at local bazar like Bhauta and Qayumabad have been re started even at night time after long times, this incident in the area have once again have produce uncertainty among the local traders.
The columnist Safi further wrote that the announcement for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the US has cleverly secured its cards, the strategic and national US interests.
Safi was put behind bars by the court after the police probing the matter stated that the domestic help first raped and then murdered her.
Bilal Khan, a political science student twice Safi's age who came to listen to his speech, said the boy wonder had had a profound effect on him.
Discussing Allama Iqbal, a renowned poet widely regarded as having inspired the movement to create Pakistan, Safi says: 'If he had not been there, I or anyone else would surely be cleaning the toilet in the house of an Englishman.'
On the special directives of Deputy Commissioner Quetta Capt (Retired) Farrukh Atique, AC City Sania Safi, AC Sadar Babrak Han and Special Magistrate team started crackdown against profiteers at different areas including Alamdar Road, Tughi Road, Brewery Road, Sariab Raod, Satellite Town, Kirani Raod, Rani Bagha and other area of the City, said press release issued here.