SAFIRESouthern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (Zimbabwe)
SAFIRESurface-to-Air Fire
SAFIRESpectroscopy of the Atmosphere Using Far-Infrared Emission
SAFIRESubmillimeter and Far-Infrared Experiment
SAFIREState Automated FISMA Reporting Environment
SAFIRESystem for Acquisition Forecast Input, Retrieval and Engagement (US DISA)
SAFIREShipboard Airborne Forward-Looking Infra-Red Equipment (US Navy)
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Along with the speech, Safire included instructions for other actions that should be taken.
However, Safire then added that during the 1990s we were projecting federal fiscal surpluses "as far as the eye can see." That reflected both the cumulative positive effects of powerful long-term economic growth, Republican tax reform that did not increase deficits, and Clinton administration fiscal prudence.
Roberts gave complete details of his illustrious career, saying Safire, the New York Times write who was a language maven, noted Yaqub-Khan's erudition, lauding him for what he called the best new politico-diplomatic usage of 1982.
Safire Racing, which also bagged the award for the best verbal presentation, will have another shot at the trophy at Austin, Texas.
The Safire Petrol is certified by the ARAI (India) to give a mileage of 14.5 kms/ litre.
Rezaei noted Navid (Promise) satellite was launched by Safire B1 and was placed in the exact position in its orbit, as stressing the locally-made satellite carrier Simorgh would be built soon.
Team Safire Racing, the five-member squad from the German International School, won the overall champion title and also bagged awards for Best Senior Rookie Team, Best Overall Reaction Time and Best Senior Engineered Car.
You have a Garment [White House counsel Leonard Garment] and a Kissinger and, frankly, a Safire [presidential speechwriter William Safire], and, by God, they're exceptions.
Also joining Safire Racing at the F1 in Schools World Finals will be team Blackbird X from the Indian High School in Dubai, who finished second.
Theatre manager Phil Batty said: "It was wonderful to see the auditorium packed out and everyone enjoying themselves." Jack and the Beanstalk featured Colwyn Bay-based illusionists Jane and Stuart Loughland, known as Safire.
According to William Safire's "Political Dictionary," a lame duck is a wounded creature, "An officeholder whose power is diminished because he is soon to leave office as a result of defeat or statutory limitation."
However, the neoconservatives have lost two of their prominent figures in only two months: Irving Kristol passed away on September 18, and his death was shortly followed by that of William Safire on the 27th of the same month.