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SSRSSQL Server Reporting Services (Microsoft SQL Server 2005)
SSRSSocial Science Research Solutions (Glen Mills, PA)
SSRSSocial Skills Rating System
SSRSSingle State Registration System
SSRSSQL Server Resolution Service (Microsoft SQL Server 2000)
SSRSSupport Scheme for Rural Specialists (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
SSRSSuper Sport Rally Sport (Camaro)
SSRSSociety for Social Responsibility in Science
SSRSSelf Supporting River Systems (workshop; Netherlands)
SSRSSecondary Safety Rating System (EU)
SSRSSuper Stock Racing Series
SSRSSuginami Shonen Rugby School (Japan)
SSRSSoftware and Software-Related Service (revenue assessment)
SSRSSystem-Specific Security Requirements Statement
SSRSSubtracted Shifted Raman Spectroscopy
SSRSSystem Security Requirements Specification
SSRSShared SONET Ring Service
SSRSSubspace Subcode of a Reed-Solomon Code
SSRSStaff Summary Routing Sheet
SSRSSagami Shonen Rugby School (Japan)
SSRSShared Service Request System
SSRSSite Specific Remediation Strategy
SSRSSupplemental Stall Recognition System (aviation)