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SAHMSSouthern Association for the History of Medicine and Science
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Bertulfo said she created FHM to help other SAHMs like her to find online jobs to help them earn an income.
Currently, FHM has over 115,000 members, most of whom are SAHMs in the Philippines and OFWs.
SAHMs will be getting support from the House of Representatives, particularly Albay Rep.
According to Salceda, these include the work of housewives or SAHMs who take care of their children, who walk them to school and assist them in their school homework, manage very limited family budget, do grocery shopping, plan the menu and cook nutritious yet budget meals, 'in addition to a lot more miscellaneous chores for their family and their husbands.'
SAHMs refer to women who, regardless of civil status, perform the work at home of a full-time mother, and neither have a part-time nor home-based work that is compensated or any income-generating activity.
"When I was a SAHM, I found that I rarely had any time for myself," another mum explained.
Echoing these sentiments was another mum, who explained: "When I was a full time SAHM I never had a moment where I wasn't doing either shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, sorting out finances, insurance, calling HMRC etc before kids needed school run, homework, baths etc.
SAHMs also get frustrated because they have so much of time in hand," says Dr Singh.
Though children of both working mothers and SAHMs have their own pros and cons, Singh says it is important for the mothers to strike the right balance.
" Though SAHMs are physically present, they could be too immersed in household work to give the child quality time," says Dr Singh.
In the case of SAHMs, the advice is to try your hand at part- time work from home and keep abreast with the happenings in the world -- just so that you're not totally left out.
"There is lot of pressure on a working mom than a stayat- home mother (SAHM).