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Phoenix Petroleum said the fall in volume was seen mainly in nonretail transactions, which was part of a deliberate move to temper low margin sales to wholesalers.
Clark reported that North America group Net Producer Revenue (NPR) grew by 3%, driven by MillerCoors' group NPR growth of 2%, with "lower volumes offset by positive sales mix and higher net pricing." US domestic sales to retailers (STRs) declined 1.2% in the quarter, and sales to wholesalers declined 1.7% in the quarter.
Foreign investment in cash and carry, which allowed sales to wholesalers but not consumers, was made possible in 1997.
MillerCoors' US domestic sales to retailers declined 1.9% while domestic sales to wholesalers were down 1.2% in the period.
Domestic sales to wholesalers for MillerCoors declined 2.7 percent for the year, with a 2.5 percent decline in the fourth quarter, SABMiller said.
In May, A-B reaffirmed its 2005 earnings outlook, saying that both domestic sales to wholesalers and earnings would decline during the second quarter but regain traction in the second half as marketing initiatives took hold.
Domestic beer sales to wholesalers were largely flat, and the company said it expects full-year sales to wholesalers to be up about half a percent.
Sales to retailers, which A-B said is a better indicator of underlying consumer demand than sales to wholesalers, will be down about 2 percent for the first quarter.
Sales to wholesalers were 22.3 million barrels for the second quarter and 42.4 million barrels for the first half, an increase of 4.3 percent and 3.6 percent, respectively.
Sales to wholesalers were 20.1 billion barrels, an increase of 2.9 percent over the 19.6 million sold during the corresponding period in 1989.