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SLOCSea Lines of Communication
SLOCSalt Lake Organizing Committee (Olympics)
SLOCSource Lines Of Code
SLOCService Location
SLOCSea Line of Communications (US DoD)
SLOCStorage Location
SLOCSalt Lake Olympic Committee
SLOCSoftware Lines of Code
SLOCSpecific Lube Oil Consumption (engine technology)
SLOCSunbeam Lotus Owners Club (UK)
SLOCSkilled Level of Care
SLOCStrategic Lanes of Communication
SLOCSenior Leader Orientation Course (US Air Force)
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This year's event is planned by the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, uses the same facilities, and aspires to the same level of excellence.
The Salt Lake Olympic Committee has adopted a beautiful snowflake logo that can be found on the Internet at kids/logo.html.
The Mormon church has offered the use of a block it owns downtown to the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for use as a medals plaza during the Olympics, prompting heated discussion over how widely available beer should be in that area.
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