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While Spirited is successful in helping strip away yet another layer of forced silence and shame from Black same-gender-loving people, it's also obvious that this is the first time many of these writers are trying to make sense of their sexuality and spirituality in written form.
The evidence about police abuses, punitive laws (inherited from Britain), intimidation or blackmail of same-gender-loving people is evident all over our continent.
Believe it or not, most black same-gender-loving people tend to vote in concert with other African-Americans.
a group of young Black same-gender-loving males and females from the inner city) said, "I've read the book, 'How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization -- The True and Heroic Story of How Gay Men Shaped the Modern World,' and we are very aware of the homosexual power elite and elitists.
JEH: After complaining :for years about seeing black, same-gender-loving male characters being Tom-ed, tokenized, objectified and marginalized in literature, I realized if I wanted to see images of brothers who reminded me of myself and those I knew, I'd have to write that novel myself.
And to my brothers and sisters reading this, it is our responsibility as same-gender-loving people to call attention to tragedies like the case of Michael Sandy.
Both stand at the forefront of Constantine-Simms' attempt to establish an enlightening conversation between heterosexual and same-gender-loving black communities.
Although the central theme of the book focuses on the experiences of same-gender-loving women dancers, it would be inaccurate to categorize this collection as gay fiction.