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SAMPASão Paulo (slang for São Paulo, Brazil)
SAMPASpeech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet
SAMPASouth African Music Promoters Association
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O prefeito Fernando Haddad, que, a principio, se mostrou reticente em relacao a proposta, com o tempo foi convencido pela pressao popular e decidiu promover eventos testes (Minha Sampa, 2016).
Nine candidates have so far filed their nominations to contest the party's presidency, including Sata's widow, Christine and his nephew Miles Sampa.
Three leading members of the party have expressed interest, including Sata's nephew, Miles Sampa, the deputy minister of commerce.
Kwadwo Adinkra died at the decisive battle along the banks of the river Tain, between Soko and Sampa.
TomTom Voice Maps supports five different phonetic alphabets (LH+ Broad, IPA, StarRec Sampa, X-Sampa and Sampa UCL), ensuring compatibility with all the major speech technology suppliers and facilitates customers' use of the product.
Saao Paulo, or Sampa as it is also often called, is a great city to explore, with iconic architecture, world-class restaurants and street art or graffiti.
She said her real name was Bundi, but was called Sampa when she lived with the Maoist rebels.
SAMPA symbols of phonemes and the number of their occurrences in the speech database for the Serbian language are given in Fig.
Como senala Sampa (2009), esta situacion indica una contradiccion entre las politicas ambientalistas que impulsan algunos sectores del gobierno y las medidas que adopta el mismo gobierno para sostener el crecimiento economico sobre la base de la industrializacion de los recursos naturales.
Singing dentist Abi Sampa beat wedding singer Laura Oakes, from Huyton, with her performance of Emilie Sande's Heaven.
Singing dentist Abi Sampa beat wedding singer Laura Oakes with her performance of Emilie Sande's Heaven.
Each stitching unit caters to 4/5 major local brands (Jaylakshmi, Sampa, Manika, Ananta) meant for Haats in Kolkata market, as well as small job orders.