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SAMPIScience and Mathematics Program Improvement (Western Michigan University)
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The young cast are eminently watchable, particularly Sampi as the eldest of the girls, who tries to keep the trio together in the face of terrible dangers and personal sacrifice.
2) LAURA MONAGHAN, left, TIANNA SANSBURY and EVERLYN SAMPI in ``Rabbit-Proof Fence''
Molly Craig Everlyn Sampi Daisy Craig Tianna Sansbury Gracie Fields Laura Monaghan Moodoo David Gulpilil A.
Crawford von Abo, a large-scale Bothaville farmer, who was also a `moving spirit' of SAMPI for many years,(24) had bought in the early 1990s a company that owned four farms outside the mining town of Odendaalsrus, in the northern Free State.
Amanda Perrett, trainer of Sampi See Sicknote John Marsh, senior manager of Cheveley Park Stud, owner of Aromatic "She is a good-moving filly.
ACTORS: Everlyn Sampi, Tiannna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan, Ningali Lawford, David Gulpilil, Kenneth Branagh.
He found the eldest, Everlyn Sampi, who was to play fourteen-year-old Molly in the film, living with her mother at Broome on the north-west coast.
Stealing the whole film is the gut-wrenching performance of 11-year-old Everlyn Sampi, who plays Molly Craig, the eldest of the three escapee girls.
Rating *** Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG): stars Evelyn Sampi and Kenneth Branagh; director Philip Noyce.
The kids - Tianna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan and especially Everlyn Sampi as Molly - are superb, as is Branagh as Neville, the Chief Protector of Aborigines.
KOPPA 4 totes, 14 coddy (OED, W2), 24 minny SAMPI 18 hakes, shake SAN 1 bot, 2 cup, 4 rew, 8 via, 13 fan, 14 bog gob*, 20 hum, 21 via, 22 jow