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SCKStudiecentrum voor Kernenergie (Belgium)
SCKSerial Clock
SCKStatic Cipher Key
SCKSample Collection Kit (European Physiology Module)
SCKSemi Conductor Kyushu (Sony)
SCKSvenska Citroën Klubben (Swedish: Swedish Citroën Club)
SCKSerial Clan Killers (gaming clan)
SCKStone Cold Killers (gaming clan)
SCKSport Club Kriens (Switzerland)
SCKStreet Combat Karate (Germany)
SCKSuper Cool Kids
SCKServants of Christ the King (UK)
SCKSerbest Cikis Kulesi (Turkish navy submarine escape training tank)
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In perhaps the most invasive part of the process, the guidelines read that 'the DCO shall ensure an unobstructed view of the sample leaving the athlete's body and must continue to observe the sample until it is sealed.' Once it has been confirmed that a sufficient amount of urine has been collected, the athlete then chooses their sample collection kit.
And the AncestryByDNA Test includes with purchase: a DNA Sample Collection Kit; a Personalized Certificate PDF; and an AncestryByDNA Results Manual PDF.
The causes, symptoms, and treatments of the main STDs, however, are thoroughly covered, from the emotional side effects of genital herpes to the dangers of ordering an HIV home sample collection kit online (there is only one FDA-approved kit).
A positive control (e.g., a stub containing GSR) and a blank (e.g., an unused stub from the submitted sample collection kit or one free of GSR) in each analysis ensure that contamination has not occurred and that the instrument functions properly.
Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the Bulk Sample Collection Kit for Weapons of Mass Destruction provides containment for samples and suspicious items that may be contaminated with materials such as anthrax and ricin.
The Nutri-Physical Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis consists of a DNA sample collection kit, including a cotton swab to collect the sample by rubbing it on the inside of the cheek, along with a lifestyle questionnaire.
The package includes a fingerprinting and DNA sample collection kit, a child identification card for the parent to carry, a computer disk for storing and distributing digital photos, and other identification information to give to the police if the child was missing, plus a children's video and book that teach rules of child safety.
* Each Measure Test includes instructions for use, one digital reader, and three cartridge and sample collection kits for analysis of three consecutive bowel movements.