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Sa/SSamples per Second
Sa/SSource Acquisition Segment
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The modular system is configurable based on required features and channel count, including variable sampling rates up to 500k samples per second per channel.
As the sampling frequency are 360 samples per second. Let us consider the R peak sample value as S.
Push the button and each sensor will sample wind direction at a rate of 64 times per second for a total of 512 samples per second. The first reading appears after three seconds.
An additional benefit of using this meter design is that the single path meter can sample and process up to 75 samples per second (SPS) while the 4-path is limited to approximately 25 SPS due to the additional processing associated with the four paths.
According to the company, the AD9644 dual and AD9641 14-bit 80MSPS (mega samples per second) ADCs use half the power of competing products and 25% less board area.
Required fifty samples per second and per each gun give us necessity to process 500 frames per second.
The EyeCon 2000 laser line sensor provides a profile rate of 4,000 samples per second, without any sacrifice to quality and control.
In addition, the detector sample rate has been increased to 1000 samples per second, enabling ultra-fast GC with peak widths down to tens of milliseconds.
The experiment involves collecting 200 samples at intervals of 10-4 seconds (10 000 samples per second), hence the data collection only lasts for 0.02 seconds.
It has already been used to analyze pharmaceuticals at up to three samples per second."
The device also features an on-chip, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with capable throughput of 12.5 mega samples per second and dual sample-hold, providing fast response for tight control loops.
The ADLINK PCI-9812 card's specifications are: up to 20M samples per second and 12-bit analog input resolution.