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SAMSATSolar Activity Monitoring Satellite
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Principal battles: Samosata (Samsat) (873); siege of Bari (876); Tarentum (Taranto) (880).
Liverani, "The Growth of the Assyrian Empire in the Habur/Middle Euphrates Area," State Archives of Assyria Bulletin 2 [1988]: 81-98.) The geographical horizon includes northwestern polities like Isua (the lower Murat Su valley), Kumahu (Samsat), and Subriu (north of Diyarbakir) and is perhaps underevaluated in the historical commentary and in the maps (Abb.
Principal battles: Samosata (Samsat) (958); Arcadiopolis (near Edirne) (970); Great Preslav (Preslav), Dorostorum (Silistra) (971); Damascus (Dimashq) (975).