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SNDLStandard Navy Distribution List
SNDLSandale (railroad)
SNDLSuomen Naisten Demokraattinen Liitto (Finnish: Finnish Women's Democratic League)
SNDLSilicon Nano Device Laboratory (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; National University of Singapore)
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L'un des guitaristes-chanteurs le fait occasionnellement pendant un passage precis d'une piece instrumentale--un leger claquement de sa sandale sur le sol carrele--, ce qui ajoute un subtil element sonore a son jeu.
Uo[beaucoup moins que] Cela fait 26 ans que je fabrique des sandale Uu Adrar.
Sandale Utility Products, which performs on-site fusion services, partnered with the contractor to implement the DataLogger[R] 5 and DataLogger Vault[TM], an advanced system of electronic data collection, storage and analysis released recently by McElroy.
La premiere interruption narrative a lieu apres l'embuscade faite a Yano : des plans successifs sur une sandale laissee dans la rue par Sugata a la fin du combat suggerent le passage des saisons.
(27.) Denis Herlin, "Le martyre dr saint Sebastien: Du paganisme an sentiment religieux on les arcanes d'un sandale," in Opera et religion sous la Ille republique, ed.
Martin Jr, who had raised thousands of pounds for charities by taking part in marathons, was killed when a Volkswagen driven by Jonathan McGonagle struck him on Racecourse Road, less than a mile from his Sandale Park home.
TWO first half penalties from South African centre George Tossell against Sandale were not enough to keep West Park in with a chance of reaching the last eight of this season's EDF Intermediate Cup after their previous round reprieve following Rossendale's disqualification.
They cleaned one hill during a successful day's sport, though that was tempered on the final hill at Sandale, near the Wigton finish, where they broke a rear spring while bouncing and trying for traction through some particularly sticky mud.
Im Vordergrund, nahe dem linken unteren Bildrand liegt die holzerne Sandale, dieses seltsame Beist uck, neben einem kleinen Hundchen, das in die Komposition hineingeraten ist, wahrscheinlich als ein Symbol ehelicher Treue.
The glossary gives the definition "Sandale" and reports that this term is used in the Bahariya Oasis (p.
Other volumes followed: Les Jeux rustiques et divins (1897; "Games--Tough and Divine"), Les Medailles d'argile (1900; "Clay Medals"), and La Sandale ailee (1906; "The Winged Sandal").