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A third century Chinese account composed between 239 and 265 CE, quoted in zhuan 30 of the Sanguozhi, published in 429 CE.
(17) In fact, the form (and to some extent the content) of the HLNTC bears some resemblance to the famous Chinese historical epic, Romance of the three kingdoms (Sanguozhi yanyi).
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Classic historical novel, published as Sanguozhi yanyi, about ancient China during the fall of the Han dynasty and the era of the Three Kingdoms (220-280 AD).
(66) Translations of works in Singapore such as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguozhi Yanyi) were undertaken by well-travelled Baba fluent in Chinese--men like Tan Beng Teck, Chan Kim Boon, Tan Kheam Hock and Chea Choo Yew.
This is the first of the dynastic histories to include such a chapter, but not the last, for, with the exception of the Sanguozhi, the two Wudaishi, and the Liaoshi, all other dynastic histories contain chapters devoted to filial sons and daughters.