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SCVWDSanta Clara Valley Water District (Silicon Valley, California)
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Scope: Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) has resumed pre-construction activities in Alviso, California, delivering on a long-made promise to protect shoreline communities in Santa Clara County from devastating flooding.This project is a partnership with the California State Coastal Conservancy, the U.S.
New York: Fitch Ratings assigns a rating of 'F1' to $150,000,000 Santa Clara Valley Water District (CA) commercial paper certificate series A (tax-exempt) and series B (taxable) (certificates).
Two of the new stations impacted large diameter water pipelines owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD).
A representative from the Santa Clara Valley Water District said water quality is improving near Lehigh.
A senior hydrologist with the Santa Clara Valley Water District in California, Mohr explains the prevalence of the chemicals in groundwater, the danger they pose to the quality of drinking water, and measures for dealing with the risk.
The Santa Clara Valley Water District's (SCVWD) large landscape sites are tremendous consumers of water for landscape irrigation, using an estimated 100,000 acre-ft of water per year.
Auditors installed low-flow showerheads (paid for by PG&E) and toilet tank water displacement bags (paid for by a city water supplier, the Santa Clara Valley Water District).
The contracts covered by the documents include Westlands primary contract and five contract assignments, one of which involves an agreement among Westlands, Santa Clara Valley Water District, and Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency.
Santa Clara Valley Water District is a special district that supplies water and provides flood protection services to nearly two million residents in Santa Clara County (Aa2/stable).
Hand in hand with these technical challenges was the responsibility of coordinating and complying with conditions from a multitude of agencies including Caltrans, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Valley Transportation Authority, County of Santa Clara, Joint Powers Board (railroad), Department of Fish and Game, and Pacific Gas and Electric.
Once the area is established, it will be managed by the Town of Los Gatos and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.
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