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The upper portion of sternotomy incision (2 or 3 sutures) is opened, the saphenous vein graft is located, the securing silk ligature is divided, and the IABP catheter is gently removed (Figure 2(a)).
Five of the vessels were repaired with a reversed saphenous vein graft, and 1 of the patients with a femur fracture underwent successful primary repair.
Postoperative aspirin, started within 6 hours of surgery, improves saphenous vein graft patency.
A saphenous vein graft was anastomosed to the posterior descending and a second one to the obtuse marginal.
He underwent aortic root and valve replacement, along with coronary artery bypass grafting to the right coronary artery using a reversed long saphenous vein graft. Postoperatively, he was anticoagulated on Warfarin, and was also placed on beta blockade therapy (Bisoprolol), a diuretic (Frusemide), an ACE inhibitor (Ramipril), and a statin (Simvastatin).
His surgery was performed 2 weeks after the initial presentation, and included the above-mentioned treatment and a saphenous vein graft to anastamose the subclavian vein.
Aortocoronary bypass with saphenous vein graft. Seven-year follow-up.