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SAPIRSystem of Automatic Processing and Indexing of Reports
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Sapir describes Dan as business-like, an unparalleled organiser--for some years before the revolution Dan acted as a sort of chief-of-staff of the menshevik party--a person born to be a minister.
For Sapir the relation between perception, thought, language, and speech appears to be as follows: upon reaching the mental level where the collation is possible, the data of sensation are classified into categories which are implicit in the language system.
were avoiding me very carefully," he eventually learned, explaining to Sapir that they suspected "I had come to enforce [Newfoundland's] game law with regard to caribou.
Gideon Sapir describes Barak's role in recommending the inclusion of the notwithstanding clause in the re-enacted Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation (40); he criticizes Barak's promotion of Hogg & Bushell's dialogue theory (41) through convincing the Legislature to adopt a notwithstanding clause.
Turning to the single market, Sapir made a severe observation: "After 30 years, the European single market is still underdeveloped.
Sapir underwent a bone marrow transplant, which didn't work.
According to People magazine, the suit was dropped after Sapir recanted his claim, stating that the actor "is not, and never has been, homosexual and has never had a homosexual affair.
Capturing five Anna's hummingbirds at a feeder located just inside a University of California Berkeley laboratory window, Sapir trained the birds to fly in a wind tunnel by tricking the birds into feeding from a syringe of sucrose disguised as a flower.
Egypt and observing the Jews of Yemen, this rabbi, named Jacob Sapir,
Benjamin Lee Whorf (Wintrhop, Estados Unidos: 1897 --Whetersfeild, Estados Unidos: 1941) y Edward Sapir (Lauenberg, Prusia: 1884-- New Haven, Estados Unidos 1939) echaron mano de las lenguas nativas de Norteamerica para probar una hipotesis cientifica en torno al postulado de Humboldt que conocemos como el principio de la relatividad linguistica.
Tycoon Tamir Sapir has recently signed a guilty plea after his company Ruzial Ltd.
To some extent, this idea challenges the nearly 70-year-old argument of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf, both Yale University anthropologists.