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SARCASouthern African Reptile Conservation Assessment (est. 2005)
SARCASand and Reef Combination Anchor (product)
SARCASenior Army Reserve Commander's Association
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The narrative poem "Sarca" represents an early example of the minor epic, or epyllion, in Renaissance literature and demonstrates perhaps better than any of the other poems Bembo's skill in composing Latin poetry.
The rest of the year, Jad is involved in training sessions where chefs part of SARCA meet monthly.
He established the Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA) in 2009 as an official membership of World Association of Chefs 
Societies (WACS) in a bid to showcase the range of Saudi Arabian cuisine, represented SARCA at the 35th WACS Word Congress in 2012 in Korea, and established and organised the yearly salon culinary competitions for the SARCA.
In addition, the four-day international exhibition incorporates Top Chef & Art de Table contests, jointly organized by ACE and I LEVEL with the support of WACS -- World Association of Chef Societies, SARCA -- Saudi Arabian Chefs Association, Euro Toques, Nestle Professional and Al Mashfa, which will feature culinary skills of chefs from the finest hotels and restaurants and adjudicated by a panel of international experts.
He set up the Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA) in 2009 in an attempt to highlight the Saudi Arabian culinary landscape at international food events.