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SAROSpecial Allotment Release Order
SAROSpecies at Risk in Ontario (environmental registry; Canada)
SAROSouthern Africa Regional Office (UN Development Fund for Women)
SAROSan Antonio Repeater Organization (San Antonio, TX)
SAROStability and Reconstruction Operations (also seen as S&RO)
SAROSouth American Regional Office (est. 1987; Quito, Ecuador; Plan International)
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Usman Tapu, ASP Takhtbai tehsil, told Dawn on Saturday that personnel of Saro Shah police station found body of a 31-year-old man on a roadside when they were on a routine patrol in the area.
Upon review, the Commission on Audit rejected the SARO release orders for 11 projects.
Napoles said in her signed affidavits that former Batanes Representative and now Budget Secretary Florencio Butch Abad met her in 2000 and showed her a SARO for a P10 million project, for which the Batanes Electric Cooperative (BatanElCo) would serve as the implementing arm.
En ese sentido, y en nombre del licenciado Fernando Aboitiz Saro, ahora titular de la Agencia de Gestion Urbana de la Ciudad de Mexico, quiero precisar que durante dicha gestion no se otorgaron tales permisos, por lo que la afirmacion mencionada carece de sustento.
IFC will help Saro AgroSciences to implement environmental and social standards in the crop protection sector and reduce the countryaACAOs food import bill, which is one of the highest in Africa,aACA[yen] the IFC said.
Sr Majella, retired but an active social justice campaigner, said she offered the collection, which includes 27 poems and seven videos, to keep the Saro Wiwa story of peaceful struggle alive.
From the opening scenes, it's clear Saro Scordia (Lo Cascio) is willing to set aside personal beliefs for a chance at the kind of respect accorded the Cosa Nostra.
Pastor Saro Khachikian of the Christ Armenian Church said rather than focusing on why the tragedy occurred, he's focusing on the future.
Saro Varjabedian is Office Coordinator and creator of communications for AIM Strategies.
They said the protest marks the 11th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and his eight Ogoni colleagues who had been campaigning against Shell in Nigeria.
Adler not know that Ken Saro Wiwa fought against the huge Shell Oil corporation because his Ogoni people were not benefiting from exploration activities in their traditional homeland and that he was put to death by the then-Nigerian government for his courageous stand?
Under a licensing agreement with Danaher Motion Saro, QComp utilizes Danaher software and hardware in its laser-guided AGV.