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SASDStoughton Area School District (Stoughton, WI)
SASDSheboygan Area School District (Sheboygan, WI)
SASDSan Antonio School District (San Antonio, TX)
SASDState Ambulatory Surgery Databases
SASDStroudsburg Area School District
SASDStructured Analysis and Design
SASDSequential Access Storage Device
SASDSilicon Avalanche Suppression Diode
SASDSharpsville Area School District (Pennsylvania)
SASDSecret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists (dragon website)
SASDStrategy and Analytical Support Directorate (United Kingdom)
SASDService Assurance Systems Development (Sprint)
SASDShintaro Akatsu School of Design (University of Bridgeport; Bridgeport, CT)
SASDSecondary Antenna Switching Device
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Our study was limited by the fact that the SASD does not include mastoidectomydata on inpatients.
Another limitation of our study concerned the fact that data from academic centers are generally not included in the SASD.
The presence of other findings on ultrasound were recorded in the symptomatic and asymptomatic shoulders, the appearance of the biceps tendon, SASD bursa, the presence of a glenohumeral joint effusion, signs of impingement according to Neer's classification and size of the tears.
The normal SASD bursa is not thicker than the humeral head cartilage and does not contain fluid.
A properly designed SASD suppressor has to incorporate use of many diodes to perform their suppression tasks while not self-sacrificing in the process.
Coordinating the simultaneous conduction of SASD circuits is not subjected to the same difficulties that plague MOV designs.
1]H-NMR analysis of urine from five patients with SASD (two with the infantile form, one with the intermediate form, and two patients with Salla disease) and compared the urinary sialic acid excretion determined by colorimetric analysis and [sup.
Urine samples from patients with SASD were obtained as part of a selective screening program for inborn errors of metabolism.
The study cohort was identified from the SASD files using Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology codes for those surgical procedures used in the definitive treatment of urinary stones, including percutaneous nephrolithotomy (50080, 50081, 50130, or 50561), shockwave lithotripsy (50590), ureteroscopy (52320, 5232,5, 52330, 52335, 52336, ,52337, ,52351, ,52352, or 52353), and conventional extraction (50060, 50065, 50070, 50075, 50610, 50620, or 50630).
Can SASD become an authorized on-site depot repair service site Please describe how to
o Existing Regional San and SASD real estate asset inventory
Provide construction-staking in support of any Regional San or SASD construction