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SASERSound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
SASERSynthetic Atmosphere and Space Environment Representations
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These were Mt Saifee(6216m)- May 2015, Mt Stok Kangri(6135m)-September 2015, Mt Kun (7077m)-September 2015, Mt Jogin I & III(6465)- May 2016, Mt Kamet(7756m) & Mt Abi Gamin (7355m)- June 2016, Mt Satopanth(7075m)- June 2016, Mt Saser Kangri(I) & (IV) (7416m)/(7672m)- September 2016, Mt Mukut (7135m)- September 2016.
Steven John Swenson from one of the most difficult glacier, named 'Shupka Kunzang' located at the base of Saser Kangri-II peak in the East Karakoram range of Ladakh region in India.
Travellers who passed Sultan-Chuskyul a few days after the debacle, found the valley full of blocks of ice as big as houses, and so spread with heaps of soft mud that it was impossible to get up to the Saser Pass into Nubra, though the flood-water had all run off.