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SATMStevens Alliance for Technology Management
SATMSample Acquisition and Transfer Mechanism
SATMSouthern Arizona Transportation Museum
SATMSatakunnan (Finnish)
SATMSpectrum Analyzer Test Module (Military Avionics System)
SATMStrategic Alliance for Technology Management
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Emergent positive culture in a media organisation: Satakunnan Kansa a newspaper case study.
1 February 2011 - Finnish media company Alma Media Corp (HEL: ALN1V) said today it could cut up to 20 jobs at its publishing subsidiaries Satakunnan Kirjateollisuus and Porin Sanomat aiming to streamline it operations towards greater competitiveness.
In the Satakunnan case, it considered that the processing of personal data obtained from the tax authorities may be subject to an exemption from data protection if it is solely for journalistic purposes.
The system will also be used for publication of Kansan Uutiset's weekly magazine, Viikkolehti, and its sister publication, Satakunnan tyo.
Hearing C-73/07 Satakunnan Markkinaporssi and Satamedia
The minister also told the Finnish newspapers Etela-Suomen Sanomat and Satakunnan Kansa that employees do not want to raise the issue of unfair treatment out of fear of seeming to be causing problems.
The foreign aid manager Antti Pentikainen has told the Finnish newspaper Satakunnan Kansa that the women and children are being transported through Finland towards the rest of the European Union, for purposes such as sexual exploitation.
Implementing agency : Satakunnan koulutuskuntayhtym
Katsaus Satakunnan asuttamisen, organisoitumisen, talouden ja kulttuurin vaiheisiin.