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SATOSenior Australians Tax Offset
SATOSociedad Andaluza de Traumatología y Ortopedia (Andalusian Society Traumatology & Orthopaedics)
SATOSailing Across the Ocean (music)
SATOScheduled Airlines Ticket Office
SATOSoftware Assurance Technology Office
SATOStudent Athletic Trainers Organization
SATOSenior Ammunition Technical Officer
SATOSwitched Access Trunk Optimization (Brighton ImmeDEOT)
SATOScheduled Air Transportation Office
SATOSystem Acceptance and Turnover Plan
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After receiving regulatory approval, Sato Pharma will begin distributing the agent, and Sato Pharma and Eisai will jointly provide information on its proper use.
In nearly the same position five years later, Sato leaned on lessons learned in that 2012 defeat and became the first Japanese driver to win the race.
Emla Patch is used as a local anaesthetic product and will be launched under the business area of ethical pharmaceuticals at Sato.
SATO (TOKYO:6287) is a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information.
20 June 2016 - Finland-based rental housing company Sato Corp.
Sato is a Finnish real estate company focused on ownership and residential projects.
Last week, Sato was stopped at the Manila International Airport and was immediately deported to Japan for being in the list.
As a result, SATO anticipates a faster introduction of connected customer experiences across market segments, further differentiating its printer solutions against competitors, and lowering operational and support costs for its customers.
With her travel still subject to the terms and conditions of the graft court, Sato will also have to pay a cash bond of P60,000 for her to be able to go abroad.
Waiting for E[pounds sterling]nal at the border gate together with reporters, Sato said that he wanted E[pounds sterling]nal to tell him what he saw and experienced there.
Relatives of the officials, who died in the tsunami, said that Jin Sato should be charged with professional negligence.
Speeches were delivered by society president Mubarak Kanoo, deputy president Nasser Al Arayedh, Foreign Ministry under-secretary for international affairs ambassador Karim Al Shakar, Foreign Ministry bilateral relations director ambassador Dr Dhafer Alumran and Mr Sato.