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SCESony Computer Entertainment
SCESouthern California Edison Company
SCESchool of Continuing Education
SCESenate Committee on the Environment (US Senate)
SCESummary of Clinical Efficacy
SCESchool of Community Education (Wittenberg University)
SCEStarfleet Corps of Engineers (Star Trek)
SCEScience Center of Excellence (various schools)
SCESupply Chain Execution
SCESystem Center Essentials (Microsoft)
SCEShamoon College of Engineering (Israel)
SCESaccharomyces Cerevisiae
SCESister Chromatid Exchange
SCESystem Controller Element
SCESingle Channel Encoder
SCESimulate Correct Execution
SCESystem Center Essentials
SCESupply Chain Exchange
SCESystem Call Extension
SCESignal Conversion Equipment
SCEStandard Course of Events
SCEService Creation Environment
SCESecurity Configuration Editor
SCESaturated Calomel Electrode
SCEState Council Executive (Australia)
SCEService Creation Environment (IN/AIN)
SCESenior Consulting Engineer
SCESupported Capital Expenditure (UK)
SCESystems and Computer Engineering
SCESchool of Computer Engineering
SCESoftware Capability Evaluation
SCEState Conservation Engineer (USDA)
SCESummit County Engineer (Ohio)
SCEShort Channel Effect
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SCESurface Conduction Electron
SCESouth Coast Enterprises (Fullerton, CA)
SCESocietas Cooperativa Europaea (Latin: European Cooperative Society)
SCEShell Chemicals Europe
SCESociety of Christian Ethics
SCEScottish English
SCESuperintending Civil Engineer
SCESystem Control Unit (mainframes)
SCEStandard Calomel Electrode
SCESignal Conditioning Equipment
SCESmart Connection Enterprise (software)
SCESniffer Certified Expert
SCESumitomo Chemical Europe (Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. of Japan)
SCESystems & Computer Engineering (Carleton University)
SCESupply Chain Engineer
SCESupply Chain Enablement
SCESaudi Council of Engineers (Saudi Arabia)
SCESemiconductor Capital Equipment
SCESafety Critical Element
SCESumiden Communication Engineering (Japan)
SCEService Cryptologic Element
SCEStandard-Reference Calomel Electrode
SCESingapore Combat Engineers
SCESuborbital Center of Excellence
SCESugar Cane Extract
SCESingle-Cell Electroporation (cell transfection)
SCESubcritical Experiments
SCEStorage Control Element
SCEStrategic Crisis Exercise
SCESignal Conversion Electronics
SCESTAAD Certified Engineer (structural design software)
SCEShort Circuit Edge
SCEState of the Canadian Environment
SCESecondary Converter Electronics
SCESurplus Chemical Exchange
SCEStandard Communications Environment
SCESingle Chemical Entity (pharmaceuticals)
SCEState College, PA, USA - University Park Airport (Airport Code)
SCESelective Communication Equipment
SCEStrategic Communications Element
SCEStudent Crisis Exercise
SCESchedule Compliance Evaluation
SCESet and Clear Enable (hardware control signal)
SCEScottish Certification of Education (Scotland, UK)
SCEStanding Committee on the Environment (Canadian Parliament)
SCEStandard Computing Element
SCEShadow Cliffs Engineering (Pleasanton, CA)
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As per ASTM C876,-270mV vs Saturated Calomel Electrode (SCE) has been taken as threshold potential for the active condition of rebar.
4, the guanine groups in the target DNA serve as electrochemical signal moieties that provide a small current produced by the oxidation at ~1.02 V (vs saturated calomel electrode).
The steel rebar has difference in [E.sub.corr] more than [+ or -] 85 mV versus saturated calomel electrode (SCE) when it is exposed in inhibitor; such type of inhibitor works as anodic or cathodic inhibitor [55-58].
The [alpha]-[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] nanoparticle-modified GC electrode, platinum wire, and saturated calomel electrode were used as the working, counter, and reference electrodes, respectively.
The cell set up was made up of a working electrode (the deposited sample), a counter electrode (round-shaped platinum wafer with diameter of 1.8 cm and thickness of 0.1 cm), and a reference electrode (SCE, saturated calomel electrode).
saturated calomel electrode. The mineralization process was not determined by the concentration of phenols.
A conventional three-electrode system was used for DC polarization measurements: the sample as a working electrode with an exposed area of 1 [cm.sup.2], a piece of platinum sheet as a counter electrode, and the saturated calomel electrode as a reference electrode.
A three-electrode cell of Borosil glass, consisting of a working electrode (WE) of MS, a pure platinum counter electrode (CE), and Saturated calomel electrode (SCE) as a reference electrode, was used for the measurements.
All the potential measurements were made with reference to a saturated calomel electrode (SCE).
Three-electrode cell assembly consisting of steel reinforcement present in concrete as working electrode, concrete specimen covered with a stainless steel mesh as counter electrode, and saturated calomel electrode (SCE) as reference electrode were used for the electrochemical studies [32].
The reference and counter electrodes were saturated calomel electrode (SCE) and platinum wire, respectively.
The corresponding voltages at different external resistances were recorded and the power output (W), power density ([W-m.sup.-2]), and current output density ([A*m.sup.-2]) were calculated according to P = [U.sup.2]/R, P = IU/A, I = U/RA, where U(V) is the measured voltage, 7(A) is the current, R([OMEGA]) is the external resistance, and A([cm.sup.2]) is the active surface area of the cathode, and individual electrode potentials were measured versus saturated calomel electrode (SCE).