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SNSScuola Normale Superiore (di Pisa; Italian)
SNSSorry Not Sorry
SNSSlovenska Narodna Strana (Slovak: Slovak National Party)
SNSSalinas Municipal Airport (Salinas, CA)
SNSSocial Networking Site
SNSStrategic National Stockpile (FEMA, US DHS)
SNSSympathetic Nervous System
SNSSpanish for Native Speakers (various locations)
SNSSocial Network Software
SNSSpallation Neutron Source
SNSStudent Network Service
SNSSaturday Night Special
SNSSteak N' Shake (stock symbol)
SNSSaudi Networkers Services (Saudi Arabia)
SNSSlip 'n' Slide (band)
SNSSupplemental Nursing System
SNSSecurity Notification Service
SNSStorage Networking Solutions
SNSSecondary Name Server
SNSSupervision Network Switch
SNSStorage Name Server
SNSSingle Numbering Scheme
SNSSkin Conductance Level
SNSSimple Notification Service (Amazon)
SNSSub National Strategy (Papua New Guinea and Australia)
SNSServicio Nacional de Salud (National Health Service, Chile)
SNSStudent Nutrition Services (various locations)
SNSSacral Nerve Stimulation
SNSSomatic Nervous System
SNSShaken, Not Stirred
SNSSterile Normal Saline
SNSSurgical Navigation System
SNSSouthern North Sea
SNSShop 'n Save (grocery chain)
SNSSupport and Subscription
SNSSecure Network Solutions (various locations)
SNSSatellite Navigation System
SNSShakugan No Shana (Anime)
SNSStill No Sleep
SNSSecondary National Strategy (UK)
SNSSlovenskej národnej strany (Slovak National Party, Slovakia)
SNSStorage Name Server (computing)
SNSSymantec Network Security
SNSSecure Network Server
SNSSpecial Needs Systems (IBM)
SNSSchool Nutrition Specialist (trade credential)
SNSSunday Night Scene
SNSStoke Newington School
SNSStatesman News Service
SNSSniper Night Sight
SNSStandard Numbering System (UK)
SNSService Navigation de La Seine (French: Navigation Service of the Seine; France)
SNSScotch 'n' Soda (theatre group)
SNSSeikai No Senki (anime)
SNSSports Nautiques Sablais (French water sports club)
SNSStop n Swop (video game)
SNSSpecial Needs Scouting (various locations)
SNSSex N' Samlevnad (band)
SNSSymmetrical Number System
SNSSpace Network System
SNSSensor Network Server
SNSSpecified Numbering Scheme
SNSSchlumberger Network Solutions
SNSSprint North Supply
SNSSpace Nursing Society
SNSSociété de Natation de Strasbourg (French: Strasbourg Swimming Society; France)
SNSSpecial Needs Service
SNSSpace Nuclear Systems (US Atomic Energy Commission)
SNSSystem Network Support
SNSSoftware Network Server
SNSSupercomputing Network Subsystem
SNSSenior NAVOCEANO Scientist (US Navy)
SNSSupplementary Narrative Statement
SNSSociété Nautique de Sète (French: Sète Boating Club; France)
SNSScandinavian Neurological Society
SNSSaudi Naval Support Company Limited (Saudi Arabia)
SNSSSIS Network Simulator
SNSSite Navigation System
SNSSwitched Network Server (Sprint)
SNSService Negotiation Support (Telcordia)
SNSSun Network Services
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No one knows the exact criteria the nine-member board will use to define what is a Saturday Night Special.
The Maryland Law -- and other such state Saturday Night Special laws which could be passed in the wake of this one -- raise serious questions about unintentional and/or technical violations.
With those Saturday night specials he did, he really put magic on the map.
Held hostage by extension cords promising some manner of deadly power, Saturday Night Specials that can be used "any day of the week", and threats all the way 'round, aliens have more than invasion on the mind as they face off a small town with power (and firepower) to start an intergalactic incident.
Mr Hughes said: "These are not Saturday night specials - they are the tools of a professional hitman.
In this issue of Peace & Freedom we highlight the fundamental need for disarmament, from nuclear bombs to Saturday night specials, from the complexities of international negotiations to the simplicity of children's coffins.
The global gun epidemic; from Saturday night specials to AK-47s.
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