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By standardizing the metadata that will be placed on the 'envelope' that SATVA is piloting, DS4P will make it easier for EHRs from different vendors to understand the distribution limits and legal requirements that are attached to the enclosed patient record," Weinstein explained.
Kipp has been up for a few flights at 4am, and is pretty sure there is no satva about at that time of day for us.
Some of Rochart's biggest influences are Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, Dennis Ferrer, Black Coffee, Manoo DJ Gregory, Hot Since 82, Francesco Tarantini, Saint Zepherin and Culoe de Song.
Instead, Chris' mag featured Ron Whaley off a jump ramp over Satva Leung's car.
Mvu 1 51: paryca ca buddhakaryani avasyam kartavyani // katamani paryca // dharmacakram pravartayitavyam, mata vinetavya, pita vinetaryo, bcatddhavaineyaka satva vinetavyta, yuvaraja abhisimcitavyo // eso mamatyayena buddho loke bhavitsyati.
The 2010 conference will continue to address topics that change the way the addiction profession educates, instructs and informs those in our industry preventing, intervening, and treating addictive disorders and will once again provide cutting-edge content provided by our great partners - NAADAC, NAATP, ASID and SATVA.
Members of SATVA closing ranks around an EHR interoperability solution--a cloud-based Health Information Services Platform (HISP)--with a new twist: an interoperable Continuity of Care Document that allows for real--not simulated--interchange of "ultrasensitive" addiction treatment information.
Analise microeconomica do estimulo ao crescimento do mercado de televisao por assinatura, utilizando dados do SATVA, do IPEADATA/Maria Augusta Bretas Lima/VI CURSO DE ESPECIALIZACAO EM REGULACAO DE TELECOMUNICACOES DA UNIVERSIDADE DE BRASILIA (2008).