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SUFOSpecjalistyczna Uzbrojona Formacja Ochronna (Polish: Specialized Protective Armed Formation)
SUFOSave Us from Ourselves
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"Save us from ourselves," Eleanor Roosevelt said as she presided over the United Nations' adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948,"and show us a vision of a world made new."
The reality however is that if our culture is approving this kind of non-sense by looking the other way in disinterest no laws will save us from ourselves.
opposable thumbs that won't save us from ourselves,
This band asks each other, "What's his power over us?" and pleads with Davy, "Save us from ourselves." They conclude that Davy, a Pied Piper of the wild frontier, exudes the simple power of goodness.
"You are our God," we sang, "come and save us." Save us from ourselves, from our selfishness, our pride and arrogance, from our self-pity and our self-doubt.
But she does not permit us to rest in the naive hope that this alone can save us from ourselves in a dramatically changed world.
It was becoming evident that we humans were attaining the power to destroy the very conditions that made our lives (and much other life as well) possible; and the notion that God would save us from ourselves, as we pursued this self-destructive project, became increasingly implausible.
It was followed the next year by the Endangered Species Act and by a plethora of environmental regs designed to save us from ourselves, including standards for safe drinking water (1974) and toxic substances (1976).
The idealistic tyrant, more difficult to identify than the "monster", seeks to "save us from ourselves." One of his methods is to relieve us of our responsibilities.
Sample solutions: Scientists have given us reliable birth-control methods, the tools to save us from ourselves. That was the easy part.
But phones and apps can save us from ourselves, too, with spending alerts, payment reminders, savings nudges and fancy features credit limits or increase payments.
"Can history save us from ourselves?" asked historian Timothy Snyder at a recent conference on the nation state and the many falsehoods politicians attach to it.