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SZCSanta Cruz, Costa Rica (Airport code)
SZCState Zionist Council (Australia)
SZCSave Zimbabwe Campaign (peace organization)
SZCSydney Zen Centre (Sydney, Australia)
SZCSchweizerischer Zwerghunde-Club (German: Swiss Miniature Dog Club)
SZCSneker Zeil Club
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As a Zimbabwean, I was poked by the contents of your May issue, in fact it provoked my IQ on the parodying of Dr Edison Zvobgo's 1974 revolutionary quote by the reactionary forces who now go by the name, The Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SAVE).
To say the least, the opposition MDC and its spin-offs in The Save Zimbabwe Campaign and other such groups cannot distinguish between a revolution and counterrevolution.
The organisers of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign initially agreed to the demand but were negotiating with police through lawyers over the order, said Useni Sibanda, an official of the alliance in the second city of Bulawayo.
Save Zimbabwe Campaign is an alliance of Christian and pro-democracy groups.
The prayer meeting was organised by an alliance of groups called the Save Zimbabwe Campaign.
Both were part of the recent riots, with the Christian Alliance providing Christian cover to The Save Zimbabwe Campaign around which confrontation with government was organised.
In reality, "prayer meetings" hosted by the Anglo-American-backed Christian Alliance, under the banner of The Save Zimbabwe Campaign, was an attempt to dress the MDC in a bishop's cloak and robes.
MDC joins other democratic forces under the auspices of The Save Zimbabwe Campaign to a rally to be held on 11 March 2007 at Zimbabwe Grounds, in Highfield, starting at 10am.
The Save Zimbabwe Campaign said another opposition leader, Lovemore Mad-huku, was taken to the main Harare hospital early Monday after collapsing from police assaults.
The police thoroughly assaulted leaders of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign while in custody," the alliance said.
Headlined, 'The Save Zimbabwe Campaign Bulawayo Prayer Rally', the advertisement said:
On Saturday, 14 April 2007, The Save Zimbabwe Campaign will hold a prayer meeting at St Patrick's Community Centre in the suburb of Makokoba in Bulawayo.