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STPScientifically Treated Petroleum (oil treatment)
STPS'il Te Plaît (French: Please, informal)
STPStandard Temperature & Pressure
STPSao Tomé and Principe (island nation on the coast of Equatorial Guinea; ISO Country code)
STPSpanning Tree Protocol
STPSewage Treatment Plant
STPShielded Twisted Pair
STPSt. Petersburg (Amtrak station code; St. Petersburg, FL)
STPStone Temple Pilots (band)
STPSticky Toffee Pudding (dessert)
STPClearwater (Amtrak station code; Clearwater, FL)
STPShow the Plan
STPStraight Through Processing
STPSurface Transportation Program
STPSave the Planet
STPSwords to Plowshares
STPStoop (building code)
STPSpecial Technical Publication (various organizations)
STPServe the Professional (various organizations)
STPSodium Thiopental (barbiturate)
STPSodium Tripolyphosphate
STPSpike the Punch
STPSustainable Tourism Project (Belize)
STPSetting the Pace (various organizations)
STPSigma Theta Phi (fraternity)
STPSteiner Tree Problem (mathematics)
STPSupervisory Training Program
STPSignal Transfer Point
STPStandard Test Procedure
STPSolar Terrestrial Physics
STPSarjana Teknologi Pertanian (Indonesian: Bachelor of Agricultural Technology)
STPShort Term Project
STPSoftware Technology Park
STPScience and Technology Policy
STPStraight Through Process
STPSignaling Transfer Point
STPSistema de Transporte Público (Spanish: Public Transport System; various locations)
STPSouth Texas Project (electric generating station)
STPSpace Test Program
STPSolar Terrestrial Probes
STPSubmersible Turbine Pump (various companies)
STPShort-Term Program
STPSystem Test Procedure
STPSwitch to Production (various organizations)
STPSystem Test Plan
STPShock Trauma Platoon (US Marine Corps medical unit)
STPScalable Test Platform
STPSecure Transport Protocol
STPScan to Pdf
STPStream Protocol
STPSelf Test Program
STPStore Real and Pop
STPSet up
STPSystem Tracking Program
STPSata Tunneled Protocol
STPStack Pointer
STPServer Time Protocol
STPSynchronized Transaction Processing
STPStorage Tunneling Protocol
STPStandard Training Plans
STPSite Admin Template File
STPSecure Trade Partnership (Singapore)
STPShow The Pride
STPScrap Tire Program (various locations)
STPStrategic Training Plan (various organizations)
STPSpace Transit Planetarium
STPSystems Technology Program
STPShovel Test Pit (archaeology)
STPSchool Travel Planning (various locations)
STPStop the Presses
STPSpecialized Training Package
STPSoggy Toilet Paper
STPSoftware Through Pictures
STPShort-Term Plan
STPSociety of Toxicologic Pathologists
STPSite Treatment Plan
STPSerial Ata Tunneling Protocol (SAS)
STPSubmerged Turret Production (energy production)
STPSoftware Test Plan
STPStorage Tank Program (environment; various locations)
STPSelf-Test Program (computing)
STPSoftware Test Professionals (Colorado Springs, CO)
STPSupplemental Transportation Program
STPSatellite Ticket Printer
STPSecure Transfer Protocol
STPService Transfer Point
STPScience Training Programs
STPSegmentation, Targeting and Positioning
STPSaint Paul Minnesota
STPSaint Petersburg, Florida
STPSoftware Test Protocol
STPSheffield Technology Parks (UK)
STPSection Termination Point (Alcatel)
STPSoldiers Training Publication
STPSecrétariat Technique Permanent
STPStephen Travis Pope
STPScheduled Transfer Protocol
STPSuperdelegate Transparency Project (politics)
STPSatellite Transport Protocol
STPSecurity, Trust Privacy (computer security)
STPSanctae Theolgiae Professor (Professor of Theology)
STPScience Teaching Project (Nuffield Foundation; UK)
STPSimple Temporal Problem
STPSerenity Tranquility Peace (designer drug)
STPStand-to-Pee (urinary aid)
STPSecurity Technical Procedure (US DoD)
STPServices Transaction Program (IBM)
STPSuperintendência de Transporte Público (Brasil)
STPSales Tax Payable
STPSpace Test Payload
STPSOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Tools Project (The Eclipse Foundation)
STPSecret Tweaker Pad (song)
STPSection Top Page
STPSelective Tape Print
STPScientific Technology Panel (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)
STPSystem Training Plan
STPSt Paul, MN, USA - Downtown Airport (Airport Code)
STPSosyalist Türkiye Partisi (Party for Socialist Turkey)
STPStudebaker Packard Corporation
STPSoft Tail Pro (Trek Bicycle Corporation)
STPSoftware Test Procedures
STPSituation, Target, Proposal (used to identify a problem, the ideal state, and solution)
STPSame Time Post (message boards)
STPSecurity Test Plan
STPSpeed Test Pro (software)
STPStowarzyszenie Tlumaczy Polskich (Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters)
STPService Traffic Position
STPSet of Transmission Parameters
STPSooner Than Possible
STPService Test Point
STPState Touring Program (Florida)
STPStop Teenage Pregnancy
STPStandard Technical Paper
STPSprint Transformation Project
STPStandard Term Proposal
STPSGML Target Registry
STPSend Tell Please (online gaming)
STPServicewide Transition Policy
STPStorage and Transfer Processor
STPSeattle to Portland 200-Mile Bicycle Ride
STPStudent Teacher Poet
STPSpeed, Temperature, Pressure
STPSeasoning Training Program
STPSink Termination Point
STPShort-Tailed Python (snake)
STPSpent Target Pool
STPScientific and Technical Packages (NATO)
STPStudent, Transient and Personnel (US Air Force)
STPSpeakers Training Program
STPStop the Politicians (advocacy)
STPStation Terminal Processor (AN/FSC-78B SATCOM terminal)
STPSustainment Technology Process (US Air Force)
STPSub-surface Test Pits
STPStanddown Tax Prep (Las Vegas, NV)
STPStudebaker Technical Products (automobiles)
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Dr Peter Marra has written Cat Wars, a book urging people to keep their animals in "catios" - back-garden pens for them to stay in, to save the planet.
We are certainly not in a position to save the planet, and never have been, nor will be, for if the whole of the UK were to shut down then 98% of global emissions will still need to be accounted for - this is an undisputed fact - and remember the atmosphere recognises no country boundaries
True Green Kids', intended for older children, and thus far more comprehensive, is an exciting compendium of 100 practical things that can help to save the planet.
YOUNGSTERS are being invited on a mission to help save the planet.
If not, pick up a copy of the helpful You Can Save the Planet, a guide for kids who need a few pointers on going eco-friendly at school, at home, and even on the sports field
Summary: The Prince of Wales is set warn the world we have less than 100 months to save the planet from global warming.
Hindu leader Rajan Zed applauded Benedict for this "environment-friendly move and frequent calls to save the planet and curb environmental degradation.
THE GOAL: AS Greena the Worrier Princess, you save the planet from flocks of airborne shopping bags, winning .
Klaus Lackner, a Columbia University physicist, along with a group of students, has constructed plans for a machine that the team claims could save the planet from the effects of climate change, according to The Guardian.
In fact, at the time we even got a couple of hundred pounds cashback as it seemed that our new - now defunct - boiler would virtually save the planet on its own.
Callers included several UFO-spotting fruitcakes and also a man who, without a trace of irony, suggested that the M25 should be turned into a giant luggage carousel to help save the planet.
We all want to do our bit to save the planet and councils should be leading the way - not throwing our efforts in the bin.