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STTSchool of Technical Training (Royal Air Force)
STTSpin-Transfer Torque (microelectronics)
STTScience and Technology of Thailand
STTSanction to Test (electrical inspections)
STTStop Tail Turn (tractor trailer lighting)
STTState Street Corporation (stock symbol)
STTSwiss Table Tennis
STTSurface Tension Transfer (welding)
STTSeptic Tank Treatment (home maintenance)
STTSportbike Track Time (Holland, MI)
STTSecurities Transaction Tax (India)
STTSingapore Technologies Telemedia
STTStart and Stop
STTString Type
STTStateless Transport Tunneling (computer networking)
STTSuomen Tietotoimisto (Finnish National News Agency)
STTSpeech to Text (system for hearing impaired)
STTSergeant's Time Training (US Army)
STTSecure Transaction Technology
STTSpouses to Teachers (US DoD)
STTStenographer, Medical (US Navy)
STTStability Transition Team (US Army)
STTSpinothalamic Tract
STTSheridan Travel and Tourism (Sheridan, WY)
STTSumatran Tiger Trust
STTSchirmer Tear Test (ophthalmology)
STTSpacelab Transfer Tunnel (US NASA)
STTSurface Test Tree
STTShort Term Training
STTSoft Tissue Therapy
STTStudent Talking Time (TESOL jargon)
STTSystem Time Table
STTSingle Target Track
STTSpecial Tactics Team
STTSmall Tactical Terminal
STTSatellite Transportable Terminal (communications; US Army)
STTState Transition Table
STTSet-Top Terminal
STTSkid to Turn (missile)
STTSEAL Tactical Training
STTSt. Thomas Hall (University of Scranton)
STTSpace-Time Trellis (coding scheme)
STTSave the Trees (band)
STTShore Targeting Terminal
STTSource to Target (data mapping)
STTShort Term Throughput
STTSpecial Task Team
STTSoft Tissue Trauma
STTStatement to Task
STTSchool of Telecommunications Technology
STTSt Thomas Island, VI, USA - Cyril E. King Airport (Airport Code)
STTScaphotrapezoid-Trapezial (Joint)
STTScaphoid, Trapezium and Trapezoid (wrist bones)
STTSky Trek Tower (amusement park ride)
STTSlave to Target (blog)
STTSystem Test Tool
STTSekolah Tinggi Texmaco (Indonesian high school)
STTSerial Thrombin Time
STTSituational Training Template
STTStrategy and Training Teams
STTSignal Tracking Trainer
STTSoftware Tips and Tricks (website)
STTSchedule Training Time
STTSystem Technical Test
STTSpread To Treasurys
STTStep to Talk (audio transmission)
STTScalar Timing Theory
STTSuccess-To-The-Top Network Routing
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The National Environmental Management Authority and the government should step in to save the trees and return the church to the community.
Malay Mail had previously reported that the council had received many appeals from the people of Taiping to save the trees.
The drawings accompanied her short handwritten message to President Duterte: 'Please help us save the trees. Trees are what we need, not buildings.
It said the PHA had acquired a modern machine to transplant trees in order to minimise the loss and save the trees.
Save the trees and the forest without sprays or chemicals.
by Allan Tippins, Litherland Trees (Re: Save The Trees!
Mr Mardell is associated with the group Roath Brook Trees who have been campaigning to save the trees since Natural Resources Wales started to cut them down.
Dr Tariq said they were trying to save the trees during widening of the road.
The heart-shaped ribbons strapped to trees state: "Save The Little Moor" and "Save The Trees".
Residents, however, disagree with these plans and are anxious to save the trees that have become part of the area's landscape.
Reyes and Bengwayan convened the Save the Trees National Coalition in observance of World Environment Day.
What a dreadful "un-green" policy that I hope individual groups will fight in order to save the trees and the wild life they support.