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SAPHSay's Phoebe (bird species Sayornis saya)
SAPHScottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (UK)
SAPHSociété Agricole des Producteurs d'Hévéa (French)
SAPHSarcoidosis Associated Pulmonary Hypertension
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Among them: the yellow-rumped warbler, Say's Phoebe, a turkey vulture, the ruby-crowned kinglet and white-crowned sparrows.
Native birds or locally breeding migratory songbirds observed in the basin and nearby areas include northern mockingbird, house finch, lark sparrow, Brewer's blackbird, Say's phoebe, black phoebe, lesser goldfinch, Anna's hummingbird, cliff swallow, and great-tailed grackle.
A Say's phoebe near Calleguas Creek, top, was among the feathered creatures documented as part of the 104th Christmas Bird Count.
By official records, Lancaster's count includes 48 sparrows, nine ravens, seven owls, seven starlings, seven finches, two loggerhead shrikes, a blackbird, a gull, a Say's phoebe, four cats, two ground squirrels, two rabbits, a kangaroo rat and three unidentifiable birds.
Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius ludovicianus) and Say's Phoebes (Snyornis saya), however, have both shown substantial decreases during the study, and their extirpation from the area may be imminent.