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SaZSoldat Auf Zeit (German)
SaZSpiele Autoren Zunft (German: Game Designer Association; Germany)
SaZSports Action Zone (UK)
SaZSpecial Administrative Zone (various locations)
SaZStandards Association of Zimbabwe
SaZSpaniens Allgemeine Zeitung (German: General of Spain; Internet newspaper)
SaZSynaptic Active Zone (neurology)
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Last September at Tisch, students became immersed in these ideas during a two-week residency with del Saz, who was there to restage the 1982 work Pond.
At the wedding reception, Saz is perfectly happy - content she's chosen the right man to marry and that her life is going according to her rigid plan.
Soprano Clare Norburn is supported by an exotic instrumental ensemble featuring recorders, shawms, fiddle, oud, saz, harp and percussion.
In this panel, Iznik artists created patterns of fantastic plant forms known as the saz (enchanted forest) style, as well as incorporating Chinese cloud bands colored in iron-oxide red.
Hay muy poco tiempo para tomar esa decision y rescatar a un medio que practicamente pertenece, por sus deudas, a los bancos privados y a la Secretaria de Hacienda", advierte Jorge Castillero del Saz, quien fue tesorero, director de TV Producciones Excelsior, asesor del gerente Hero Rodriguez Toro y presidente de la asamblea en la que salio Julio Scherer Garcia de la direccion general del periodico; fue, asi mismo, presidente del Consejo de Administracion y director del Fraccionamiento Paseos de Tasquena, en tiempos de Regino Diaz Redondo.
InsightExpress, a leading digital marketing research firm, announced today the expansion of its Digital Media Measurement team with the appointments of Ashley Rusk, Stephanie Kung, Staci Cohen, Sherman Low, and Jeremy Saz as Project Managers.
Soon his ability to perform on instruments such as accordion, saz, tar, pianoforte and tutek aroused great interest of the outstanding composer and playwright, the founder of modern professional music art of Azerbaijan, the People's Artist of the USSR Uzeyir Hajibeyli.
The project to develop the technology and launch the RA-550 site at SAZ was implemented within three years.
OK, it's a long time since I was the kind of 16-year-old at which this series is pitched - but even at that age I'd have been amazed BBC3 saw fit to transmit a scene in which Saz, one of the four central young characters, confesses that she wants to get a gun and kill everyone at school.
Viva, Holli, Saz and Amber are very different personalities, but they bond over adolescent experiences such as boys, sex, cliques, teachers and heartbreak.
News of ErtaE-'s death arrived two days after Sunday afternoon's news that he had been taken into intensive care and as his fans were sharing get well wishes for the folk singer-songwriter and saz virtuoso online.
Semah is performed by semah dancers, accompanied by devout musicians playing the saz long-necked lute.