Sbf1SET Binding Factor 1
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The online program BLAST was used to find out the related sequences with known taxonomic information in the databank at NCBI website ( to accurately identify the strain SBF1.
The elastolytic activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa suspension in the presence and absence of SBF1 extract was determined with the elastin Congo red (ECR; Sigma,) assay (17).
Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 was grown overnight at the given temperature in LBbroth with or without SBF1 extract.
The effect of SBF1 extract on biofilm formation of PAO1 was measured using the microtiter plate assay (26).
Isolate SBF1 demonstrated highest pigment inhibition activity and this isolate was selected for further studies (Figure 1).
Characterization and molecular identification of the Strains SBF1
The strain SBF1 was characterized and identified by using standard morphological, physiological and biochemical tests.
The quorum quenching activity of the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SBF1 strain was determined by the analysis of violacein production in CV12472.
Nearly all C6-HSL was degraded after incubating with SBF1 extarct indicating AHL degradation.
To assess the effect of the culture extract on the pyocyanin production, the PAO1 cells were cultivated in the presence and absence of SBF1 extract.
In contrast, the baicalin-deprived-fraction (SbF1) showed potent antiproliferative effect.
MCF-7 cells were arrested in S- and G2/M-phases after treatment with 50 [micro]g/ml of SbF1 for 72 h.