SBRMSanta Barbara Rescue Mission (California)
SBRMSugar Beet Root Maggot (insect)
SBRMSchool Board Recognition Month (various locations)
SBRMSenior Business Relationship Manager
SBRMSmall Business Rights Management (intellectual property rights)
SBRMSingle-Balanced Resistive Mixer (microwave theory)
SBRMShe'll Be Right Mate (Australia)
SBRMScope Bound Resource Management (computer science)
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However, a need to estimate the number of sea days still existed, and the estimation methods described by the SBRM were still applicable.
SBRM selected SpaceRak, a division of EWCO (Marysville, MI) to design and provide the needed storage rack systems, based on their reputation for successful, space-saving installations.
At the same time, SBRM wanted to create a higher density of stored materials, moving from a two-deep, two-high box configuration to three-deep, three-high system.
Evaluating Bycatch" also establishes three NMFS standardized bycatch reporting methodology (SBRM) objectives, keeping in mind that the MSFCMA requires an SBRM for each fishery management plan:
1) The development and documentation of an effective and efficient SBRM for each federally managed fishery, other state fisheries that take ESA-listed species that are under NMFS jurisdiction, and each MMPA Category I and II fishery, where the documentation of an SBRM includes the responsibilities of each entity involved in collecting and using data to estimate bycatch and total catch, as well as well-defined goals and objectives with associated performance criteria.
To commemorate such a huge initiation, an inaugural cultural celebration was held at SBRM Auditorium of the University.