SBVRSemantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (Object Management Group)
SBVRSouth Branch Valley Railroad (West Virginia)
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This problem becomes more critical when we map these (typed) dependencies to SBVR vocabulary and OCL.
Both inputs are processed by our tool and SBVR rule representation is generated.
In this phase, a SBVR business rule is generated from NL constraint that is a semantically unambiguous representation.
We use SBVR vocabulary as the target semantic roles due to the fact that the mapping of SBVR vocabulary to OCL is easy and straightforward.
This will be equal to At-most n quantification in SBVR.
Finally, a semantic interpretation is generated that is mapped to SBVR and OCL in later stages.
Mapping class model to English English Text elements SBVR Vocabulary Common Nouns Object Type Proper Nouns Individual Concept Generative Noun, Adjective Characteristic Action Verbs Verb Concepts Subject + verb + Object Fact Type Table 2.
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