SBVRSemantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (Object Management Group)
SBVRSouth Branch Valley Railroad (West Virginia)
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SBVR which is syntactically consistent and semantically formal.
SBVR gives a detailed description of meanings of business words and business statements.
SBVR vocabulary is like content of natural language but different in many ways.
Ablonskis, "VETIS tool for editing and transforming SBVR business vocabularies and business rules into UML&OCL models", in Proc.
Butkiene, "Extending BPMN business process model with SBVR business vocabulary and rules", Information technology and control, vol.
1 Develop BPMN diagram If a business process diagram and a without SBVR vocabulary business vocabulary do not exist, then the business process diagram is developed from the initial information of the process.
In NL2Alloy translation, a chain of transformations is involved such as NL to SBVR, SBVR/UML to OCL and OCL/UML to Alloy.
In NL to SBVR translation, we have used the Stanford parser to perform syntactic analysis by producing a parse tree and a set of (typed) dependencies.
A practical reader-friendly user guide to the those parts of the SBVR specification that are relevant to rule authoring
Tal objetivo es satisfecho mediante la realizacion de un experimento exploratorio que compara la performance relativa de metodos basados en los lenguajes UML y SBVR, respectivamente.
Este trabajo representa una replica diferenciada del experimento descripto en Reynares, Caliusco & Galli (2014a), lo cual permite evaluar el grado de generalizacion de los resultados obtenidos con respecto a la factibilidad tecnica de SBVR como lenguaje de modelado para el desarrollo de ontologias.
When comparing the standards of W3C and OMG, it became obvious that SBVR defines a standard on the business level while RDF, OWL, and SWRL are more technical.