ScHARRSchool of Health and Related Research (The University of Sheffield, UK)
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y] denote the Scharr operators in horizontal and vertical directions, respectively.
The Gradient Modulus (GM) is calculated using the Scharr operator.
Diaures installed equipment at Scharr's plant in CT, having been supplying holographic materials to Scharr for a year or two through its Diavy Holographics subsidiary, and supplied the production equipment through MHT.
For an updated collection of evidence-based databases, we recommend the ScHARR database (Table 2).
Another excellent list of EBM links is Netting the Evidence: A ScHARR Introduction to Evidence Based Practice on the Internet (http://www.
The proficient leadership of Miss Marion Scharr, executive secretary, enabled the Hartford YWHA to administer a full range of programs.
Scharr Industries, for example, reports the recent installation of its third 145"-wide metallizer and another wide web slitter, increasing the company's production capacity by 20%.
Contest-wise, Poppy Starr and Tom Scharr dropped the hammer Down Under at the first stop of the Vans Skatepark Series in Manly Beach while Cons' Louie Lopez took top honors at Tampa Pro.
Scharr, "A scheme for coherence-enhancing diffusion filtering with optimized rotation invariance," J.
ITW, a multi-billion dollar US conglomerate which had several hot-stamping foil and laminate companies in its portfolio, had ventured in to holography through its purchase of Scharr Industries in 1998, which it renamed as ITW Holography and Specialty Films.
Artist Shan Gray has been commissioned through private funding to create the largest bronze sculpture in history to date, according to Jack Scharr, president of Fine Art Limited.