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where [h.sub.x] and [h.sub.y] denote the Scharr operators in horizontal and vertical directions, respectively.
The Gradient Modulus (GM) is calculated using the Scharr operator.
Diaures installed equipment at Scharr's plant in CT, having been supplying holographic materials to Scharr for a year or two through its Diavy Holographics subsidiary, and supplied the production equipment through MHT.
La anomia psicologica, propuesta por McClosky y Scharr (1965), es entendida como un conjunto de actitudes, convicciones y sentimientos en la mente del individuo, que se vincula con el contexto sociocultural.
I would also like to thank Joan Grace, Robert Scharr and the participants in the 2010 Mid-West Political Science Association Conference panel on Canadian politics.
In 2008 he received his MSc (with Distinction) in Health and Social Care Research from the University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), Sheffield, UK.
(5) Senior Lecturer, School of Health & Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield, UK and Visiting Professor Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal,
Ushers were Steven Holland Myers II, Travis Stuart Scharr, William Austin Hester III, and Edward Cameron Bryant The ring bearer was Abraham Ripley Cook, nephew of the bride, carried by his father, Anderson McCall Cook, brother of the bride.
The proposals put forward have been shown by independent research (the ScHARR Review, Sheffield University 2008) to have significant impact only on our youngest drinkers and on those who are drinking at levels that seriously damage health.
Examples of suitable kernels for channel representations include Gaussians, B-splines (Felsberg, Forssen, and Scharr 2004), [cos.sup.2], and other localized windowing functions with a shape similar to the kernels in figure 9.
For an updated collection of evidence-based databases, we recommend the ScHARR database (Table 2).