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SBTSymmetric Bipartite Table
SBTSmart Battery Terminal
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The insights generated by this thought-provoking exercise were presented in a white paper issued by the project team, "Scan Based Trading for Retailer-distributed Products: A Feasibility White Paper."
Scan Based Trading -- Eyeball-To-Eyeball With The Consumer
Scan based trading, which pays processors only when product is sold, can save money for both manufacturers and retailers.
But an experimental form of manufacturer/retailer commerce, known as scan based trading, has the potential to make these relationships much more efficient.
Scan based trading is a form of selling on consignment, which is nothing new in the apparel and durable-goods industries.
From a food industry perspective, scan based trading is an outgrowth of direct store delivery - the natural mode of delivery for such items as snacks and baked goods - and electronic data interchange.
"All of our scan based trading customers have experienced higher sales.
The why and how of scan-based trading were laid out in GMA's report, "Scan based Trading: Using Scanner Driven Technologies to Change Direct Store Delivery Practices," which was published in conjunction with Prime Consulting Group Inc., Bannockburn, Ill.
This month, the final results of a year-long Scan based Trading (SBT) test with H.E.Butt (HEB) Grocery Co.
"Initial results indicate Scan based Trading is a better way to do business, but requires patience for broader implementation," says Al Carey, chief operating officer of Frito-Lay Inc.
"Scan based Trading will allow us to provide better service to our customers at a lower cost," says Scott McClelland, senior vice president of marketing at HEB.
"We believe scan based trading is the ultimate tool for the future."