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On all matters of governance, the Scandinavian nations - ie Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark - have long haunted the collective imaginations of Kenyan political analysts because these countries are famously corruption-free, have the most comprehensive universal healthcare imaginable, and also, excellent free education.
While terms like "hygge" and "lagom" are integrating into American culture, the Scandinavian mindset hasn't been applied to the world of marketing.
We are going to continue to develop our collaboration with SkiStar in order to improve the services we can offer our passengers and make it a whole lot easier to enjoy the Scandinavian winter experience', says Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President Commercial, SAS.
The embassies of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in Manila, in partnership with SM Lanang Premier, SM Cinema, and the Film Development Council of the Philippines have come together for the very first Scandinavian Film Festival in the Philippines.
Open to people of all ages and backgrounds, the festival provides a venue to honor and present all things Scandinavian, past and present.
It became my dream to move to Chester and open a Scandinavian Living design and lifestyle store here."
As an authoritative, neutral provider connecting analytics to business growth, Neustar MarketShare[R] will provide Scandinavian Airlines with the data-driven insights to guide day-to-day marketing planning and buying decisions.
Scandinavian Airlines selected Neustar for its industry-leading Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) approach as it allows the airline to examine key sales channels and essential regions to determine the optimal mix for driving bookings and other business outcomes.
Scandinavian style incorporates materials that meld indoors with outdoors - natural woods, slat walls, leather accents and greenery.
The Scandinavian countries, and primary among them Sweden, are commonly referred to as anomalies or inspirations, depending on one's political point of view.
Known for clean lines, sumptuous curves, an almost monochrome palette and an inherent respect for natural elements, Scandinavian design - originating from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland - has a knack for delivering maximum style with minimum fuss.
According to the company, these retirement plans for Zwarts are in connection with the initial public offering of the shares of Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S for sale at Nasdaq Copenhagen in February 2016.
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