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SASSpecial Air Service (British Special Forces)
SASScandinavian Airline Systems (ICAO code)
SASScience Analysis System
SASSerial-Attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)
SASSchool of Advanced Study
SASSystem(s) Acquisition Support
SASStatement on Auditing Standards
SASSchool of Arts and Sciences
SASStatistical Analysis System (software)
SASSan Antonio Spurs (basketball team)
SASStrategy and Security
SASSocial Anxiety Support (website; est. 2000)
SASSocial Anxiety Syndrome (psychology)
SASSafe and Secure (various companies)
SASService Assurance (Sprint)
SASSemester At Sea
SASStatistical Analysis Software
SASSafe and Sound (various organizations)
SASSecurity Alarm System
SASSupport a School
SASSubstance Abuse Services (behavioral health)
SASSingapore American School
SASServicio Andaluz de Salud
SASStudent Academic Services
SASSurfers Against Sewage
SASSweet and Sour
SASShanghai American School (Shanghai, China)
SASSituational Awareness System
SASSouthern All Stars
SASSpace and Airborne Systems (Raytheon Company)
SASStudent Accessibility Services (various organizations)
SASSponsor a Student (program; various locations)
SASStatic Analysis Symposium
SASSchoeller Arca Systems (various locations)
SASSociedad por Acciones Simplificadas (Spanish: Simplified Stock Corporation)
SASSt. Andrews-Sewanee (Sewanee, TN)
SASSRS Audio Sandbox (software)
SASSino-American Silicon (Taiwan)
SASSurvival at Sea (handbook)
SASSociety for Amateur Scientists (est. 1994)
SASSouthern Audio Services (Baton Rouge, LA)
SASSchool of Applied Studies (various schools)
SASSing Along Song
SASStudent Academic Support (various schools)
SASSelf-Assessment Scale
SASShort And Sweet (speech)
SASSilver Age Sentinels (superhero role-playing game)
SASSecond Avenue Subway (Metropolitan Transportation Authority; New York, NY)
SASSoftware Application Support (Cisco)
SASStudent Assessment System (various organizations)
SASShock Absorbing System
SASStudent Access and Success
SASSpool Access Support
SASSecure Association Service
SASStand Alone Server
SASSoftware Application Support
SASSingle Attachment Station
SASServer Automation System
SASSwitch Access System
SASSeparate Address Space
SASStatistically Assigned Sockets
SASSecurity Administration System
SASStand Alone Switch
SASSecurity Administration Server
SASStand Alone Smlc
SASSingle Attachment System
SASSecurity Associations
SASStatistical Analysis System
SASSimultaneous Action System
SASSystem Architecture Specification
SASSerial Attached Scsi
SASStatus and Sense
SASShort Authentication String
SASSystem Administrators
SASSecure Authentication Services
SASStand Alone Service
SASShadow Address Space
SASSwitched Access Services
SASSecurity Announcement System
SASStand Alone System
SASSan Andreas Stories
SASSpeak and Spell
SASSenior Administrative Staff (various organizations)
SASSystem of Active Stability (Toyota forklift stability system terminology)
SASSecondary Air Supply
SASSugar and Spice
SASSyracuse Academy of Science (Syracuse, NY)
SASShort Attention Span (band)
SASSolar Array System
SASStrong Arm Steady (Rap Group)
SASSecret Air Service (UK)
SASSociety for Applied Spectroscopy
SASScottish Ambulance Service
SASSword and Skull (gaming)
SASSchool of Administrative Studies (various schools)
SASSpecialty Answering Service (telecommunications)
SASStudent Administration System
SASSociety for Animation Studies (est. 1987)
SASStorytelling Adventure System
SASSpace Adaptation Syndrome
SASSafety At Sea
SASStaff and Associate Specialist
SASSpine Arthroplasty Society
SASSecurity Assessment Service (computer security)
SASServer Attached Storage
SASSubaortic Stenosis (cardiology)
SASSubarachnoid Space (band)
SASSaturated Absorption Spectroscopy (physics)
SASStability Augmentation System
SASSynthetic Aperture Sonar (sidescan sonar imagery)
SASSecure Attention Sequence (Microsoft Windows NT/2000)
SASSelf-rating Anxiety Scale (Zung)
SASStay Aspen Snowmass (Aspen, CO)
SASSpecial Airport Systems
SASSelf-Anchored Suspension (bridges)
SASSatellite Data Acquisition System
SASSociété par Action Simplifiée
SASStudy Area Specification
SASStudent Administration and Support (various locations)
SASSchool Administration System (various locations)
SASSubstation Automation System
SASStand Alone Store
SASSoftware Applications Specialist
SASService Automation Suite (software)
SASSpecial Ammunition Storage (US DoD)
SASStudent Advising Services (various schools)
SASSeverity Assessment Scale (alcohol withdrawal)
SASSenior and Adult Services (various locations)
SASSteering Angle Sensor
SASSupport Administrative Services
SASSub-Arctic Summer
SASSolid Axle Swap
SASSyndrome d'Apnée du Sommeil (French: Sleep Apnea Syndrome)
SASSmall Area Statistics (UK)
SASSmall Astronomy Satellite
SASShared Administrative Services (various organizations)
SASSan Antonio Shoes
SASSow-a-Seed Foundation (Malaysia)
SASSociety for Applied Sociology
SASSingle Attached Station (FDDI)
SASStretch Arm Strong (band)
SASScientific Analysis Section (US FBI)
SASSon Altesse Sérénissime (French)
SASSanger Adult School (California)
SASSystem Administration Services (Sprint)
SASStudent & Auxiliary Services (various locations)
SASStatement of Accounting Standard
SASSociety of American Silversmiths
SASSociety for Archaeological Sciences
SASSaint Andrew's School
SASSwiss Academy of Sciences
SASService Acquisition Strategy (US Army)
SASSealed Authenticator System (US DoD)
SASSoftware Accomplishment Summary
SASSpecial Aquatic Site (US Army)
SASSpace Access Society
SASSecurity Advisory Services
SASStudent Assistance Scheme (various schools)
SASSurplus Activated Sludge
SASSensors Applications Symposium
SASSt Augustine's School (Gold Coast, Australia)
SASStudies, Analysis, and Simulation (panel)
SASSociety for Armenian Studies
SASSlot Accounting System (casinos)
SASSingle Audio System
SASSecond Amendment Sisters, Inc.
SASSafety and Automation System
SASSales Accounting System
SASSecure Access System (Nokia)
SASStrategic Algebra Support
SASSociety for Astronomical Sciences
SASSequences Annotated by Structure
SASSpace Aggressor Squadron
SASStatement of Affiliation Status (universities)
SASShinto Association of Spiritual Leadership
SASSpecial Activities Squadron
SASShearer & Sutton (sports)
SASState Air Surgeon (Air National Guard; various states)
SASSecurity Accreditation Scheme (Global System for Mobile Communications)
SASSecure Application Switch
SASSistema de Alerta Sísmica (Spanish: Seismic Warning System, México)
SASSpecial Analytical Services (US EPA)
SASSecondary Antenna System
SASSuomen Automaatioseura ry (Finnish Society of Automation)
SASSwitched Access Service (Bellcore)
SASStockton Astronomical Society (Stockton, CA)
SASSocietà Accomandita Semplice (Italy)
SASStripped Arbitrary Separators (database querying)
SASSentry Air Systems (Houston, TX)
SASSolar Aspect System
SASSolar-Array Simulator
SASStraight Axle Swap (automobiles)
SASSpokane Astronomical Society (Spokane, WA)
SASSide-Angle-Side postulate (geometry)
SASSpeed, Aggression, Surprise
SASStand Alone Subsidiary
SASStudent Affiliates of Seventeen (US national graduate student organization)
SASSoutheast Alternative School (Massachusetts)
SASStatically Assigned Socket (Cisco)
SASSignaling Application System
SASSharp Amenity Systems Corporation (Japan)
SASSkilled-Australian Sponsored (worker status)
SASSubscriber Alerting Signal (caller ID with call waiting)
SASStanford Astronomical Society (Stanford, CA)
SASSecondary Alarm Station
SASSapporo Auto Salon (Japan)
SASSheboygan Astronomical Society (Sheboygan, WI)
SASSu Alti Savunma (Turkish Special Forces)
SASStudy Group on Alternative Security
SASShoalhaven Anglican School (Milton, NSW, Australia)
SASStudent Administrative Services Center
SASSevere Acronym Shortage (humor)
SASSwedish Astronomical Society (Stockholm, Sweden)
SASScandinavian Auction Systems
SASSafety Advisory Services Ltd (UK)
SASStudent Association Senate
SASSystem Architecture Specification (software description)
SASSlovak Architects Society (Bratislava, Slovakia)
SASSurveillance and Safety
SASSignal Acquisition System
SASSingle And Searching
SASSchaefer Ambulance Service
SASSterile Aqueous Solution
SASSaint Anne School
SASSupply Air Sensor
SASSex And Suspense
SASSurvivable Adaptive Systems
SASSupport Analysis for Software
SASScientific Asset Service (General Electric Healthcare)
SASSignature Authority System
SASSpecial Assault Squad (gaming)
SASScientific American Surgery
SASSpecial Access Surcharge
SASSuper Alien Strike (game)
SASSwiss Academic Skiclub
SASService Accounting System
SASSerial Access Storage
SASStaff and Specialist (UK)
SASSignature Augmentation Subsystem
SASSouthern Asian region
SASShared Administrative Support
SASSystem Acquisition School (US Air Force Institute of Technology)
SASSupervision After School (program)
SASScout Active Support (UK)
SASSubscriber Access Switch
SASSwitch Access System (Sprint)
SASSa Sanctuary (band)
SASSociétés d'Afrique et Sida (French)
SASSurvival Avionics System
SASSilicon Avalanche Suppressor
SASSilicon Asymmetrical Switch
SASSimplified Acquisition Specialist
SASSpecial Airlock System (air cleanliness, production rooms)
SASSmart Antenna Savvy
SASSpecial Airlift Summary
SASSpecial Airlock System
SASSales After Service
SASSoftware Architecture Summit
SASSecondary Automation Systems
SASSeismic Acoustic Sensor
SASSmall Angle Source (ion)
SASSpecific Airworthiness Specification
SASScience Alberta School
SASSoftware Architecture Skeleton
SASServer Arbitration Scheme
SASStand Alone Span (Ciena)
SASScorpSik Appreciation Society
SASSecurity Administration Server/System
SASSki Association of Suginami (Tokyo, Japan)
SASSecurity Assistance Survey
SASSassone Specialized Italian Postage Stamp Catalog (philatelic catalog)
SASSurplus Asset Sales Co. (Exton, PA)
SASSealed Authentication System
SASSystem Automation Software Company
SASSwindon Association of Snails (UK)
SASSpecial Ammunition Stockage
SASSemi-Annual Soils
SASSeaWIFSborne Simulator
SAS[not an acronym] SAS Insitute Inc. (formerly Statistical Analysis System)
SASSpherical Accuracy Standard
SASStrategic Automation Solutions
SASShip Announcing Service
SASSystem Analysis and Stimulation
SASSteerable Antenna System
SASSurplus Asset Sales Company, Inc. (Iowa)
SASSafety Access System
SASStudent Architectural Society
SASSocietatis Antiquariorum Socius (Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries)
SASService Archive Script (file created by a network server for backup)
SASSterile Access System
SASService Applications and Systems
SASSeven Abominable Sins
SASSeverely Alarmed (errored) Second (NEC)
SASSeverely Errored Frame Alarmed Indication Signal (DSC)
SASSpecial Account System
SASSuborbital Aeroscience Studies (high school program)
SASStartup Attribute Set
SASSystem Administration Shelter
SASStaff Administrative Specialist
SASStorage Archival Subsystem
SASStrategic Accounts Services (Enteract, 21st Century Telecom)
SASSatellite Audio Service
SASSpecialist Assurance Services (New Zealand)
SASStreamline Accommodation Solutions (Australia)
SASSociety of Academic Surgeons
SASSimpson-Angus Extrapyramidal Symptoms Scale (also seen as S-A)
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Sweden-based carrier Scandinavian Airline Systems said it has added Malta to its list of marketing and sales representation with Arizona, USA-based travel distribution firm Discover the World Marketing.
As a first step, Swissport and SAS, also known as Scandinavian Airline Systems, will form a joint venture that would hold the particular activities including around 5,000 full-time employees in Scandinavia.
Country: Denmark, Sweden, NorwaySector: Air Transport, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: SAS' ground and cargo handling operationsBuyer: Swissport International LtdVendor: Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS AB)Type: Corporate acquisition, JVStatus: ExclusivityComment: LoI
Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS) is the leading airline in Scandinavia.
Other members of the Star Alliance include Lufthansa of Germany, Scandinavian Airline Systems, United Airlines, Air New Zealand and Ansett Airlines.
An agreement between Nokia and Scandinavian Airline Systems adds mobile phones to the selection of goods offered to consumers on all international SAS flights.
British Midland has also agreed to join the Star Alliance of which Lufthansa is a member, as are Scandinavian Airline Systems, from whom Lufthansa is purchasing the 20% stake, and United Airlines.
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