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SQCSupplier Quality Control (various companies)
SQCStatistical Quality Control
SQCSoftware Quality Control
SQCSingapore Quality Class
SQCScottish Qualifications Certificate (record of student's academic achievements)
SQCSurface Quality Control
SQCStudent Quality Circle (various locations)
SQCScantron Quality Computers (Birmingham, AL)
SQCSchema Questionnaire for Children (psychology)
SQCSupplier Quality Commodity (various companies)
SQCSyndicat Québécois de la Construction (French: Quebec Construction Union; Canada)
SQCSediment Quality Criteria
SQCSpecial Qualification Certificate (various locations)
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Headquartered in Tustin, California, the new Technologies division will provide Scantron Quality Computers, Brighter Paths, Scantron Survey Services and all software-based solution offerings.
Several firms have introduced packages to address this need, including Scantron Quality Computers (The Curriculum Manager), Evans Newton (TargetTeach) and Tudor Publishing (Curriculum Designer).
The Curriculum Manager Series from Scantron Quality Computers is a set of software programs and classroom materials that help educators design, evaluate and teach math and science around curriculum objectives set by groups such as the NCTM, NSTA and AAAS.