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SCATTSunCoast Area Teacher Training (Tampa, Florida)
SCATTStatement of Work, CDRL, and Tracking Tool
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The use of triggers with scatterable mines and demolition obstacles allows the commander to affect a specific formation and requires fewer resources than simply emplacing obstacles along all possible avenues of approach.
PHOTO : MISAR's Raider, a special Italian mortar that fires scatterable anti-personnel mines.
We are replacing the M113 armored personnel carrier and fielding Volcano mine delivery systems back to the armored brigade combat teams in the short term while we work the larger family of scatterable mine replacement over the next decade.
This style of leadership is poorly suited for the battlefield for a very simple reason: once the shooting starts, you can't control the small details anyway, you can't be everywhere, and your job is to focus on those few key battlefield decisions--mostly when and where to employ your key combat multipliers like FASCAM (Family of Scatterable Mines), Volcano mines, attack helicopters or your task force reserve--to give your subordinates the best chance to win and survive, If you're doing anything else, you're not doing your job.
Domestic inventories of programs like the ADAM scatterable mine and the AT4 shoulder-fired infantry weapon are sufficient for current requirements, and there are no funds budgeted for additional production," Warson said.
forces are no longer authorized to employ persistent land mines, nonpersistent scatterable mines are the only deployable land mine systems currently in the U.
As we move to the future we must get used to replacing conventional hand-emplaced mines with scatterable mines.
Wide-area surveillance from FBCT and divisional assets, and route reconnaissance by combined arms battalion assets, will identify changes from previous reconnaissance, thus identifying recently emplaced buried or surface-laid scatterable mines or the emplacement of IEDs to cue the ground mine-detection-equipped UGV.
Tripwires are commonly used with bounding mines (PROM-1), scatterable mines (BLU42/B), stake mines (PMR-2A), and directed fragmentation (claymore style) antipersonnel mines, along with hundreds of others.
We do this with fires, close air support, maneuver, and scatterable mines.
One enemy artillery-delivered scatterable minefield (200 by 800 meters) can close two lanes if they are not at least 800 meters apart.
Given the time it takes to begin engagement area development, even relying primarily on scatterable mine systems and special-purpose munitions versus conventional row mining, time is clearly the limiting factor for combat engineers and the BCT.