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The wide area mine, as approved in March 1990, was to include a family of three munitions--a hand-emplaced munition, the Volcano scatterable mine system, and an Army tactical missile system-delivered munition.
We have to depend upon scatterable mines emplaced by the Volcano system.
3) The family of scatterable mines includes hand-emplaced, modular-pack mine systems; air- and ground-delivered Volcano scatterable mine systems; field artillery-delivered area-denial artillery munition and remote antiarmor mine systems; and fixed wing-delivered Gator scatterable mine systems.
Scatterable mine capabilities can easily create countermobility effects triggered by the commander's decision points, but other obstacle methods may be used to create an uncertain mobility picture for the enemy.
Army Doctrine Publication 3-09, Fires, (6) fails to mention land mines; while Army Doctrine Reference Publication 3-09, Fires, (7) fails to list the employment of scatterable mines as a role, core competency, or critical capability of the field artillery.
Smoke, dust, direct and indirect fires, scatterable mines, and chemicals all further narrow this margin for error.
Depict the planned locations of scatterable mines (include the safety zone) on maneuver and combat service support graphics to reduce fratricide.
As we move to the future, we have to get used to replacing conventional hand-emplaced mines with scatterable mines.
Fratricide from scatterable mines, time and resources required to put up fratricide fences, and implications of short-duration scatterable mines--coupled with problems associated with long-duration release authority--dictate that we look for a turn-on/turn-off capability.
This 11-week course will focus on engineer platoon leading and task force engineer skills, with an increase in tactics instruction (in particular, training on scatterable mines, geospatial engineering, and force-protection construction).
The development of scatterable mines represents the first true paradigm shift in countermoblity since the American Civil War.
Air-delivered scatterable mines can be used by the PDRA.