SCEFSouthern Conference Education Fund (est. 1946)
SCEFService Creation Environment Function
SCEFSan Carlos Educational Foundation (San Carlos, CA)
SCEFSasakawa Central Europe Fund (est. 1990)
SCEFSandhills Conductive Education Foundation (Pinehurst, NC)
SCEFSmall-Cell Elutriator Fraction
SCEFSelf-Consistent Electrostatic Field
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King was also cautious about activity in the South that might be labeled Communist, advising Robert Moses, newly arrived as a worker in the SCLC office in July 1960 that his arrest for participating in a SCEF picket line was a mistake despite their joint Voluntary Civil Rights Commission hearings earlier that year.
When I was 19, the first full-time radical activist that I met was a SCEF worker.
Certainly, these processes helped to propel the implosion of SCEF and other progressive/radical organizations, and more detailed attention to this would give the reader a greater understanding of the complexity of left politics in these years.
Under Perry, SCEF would be a limited public forum, and the initial limitations upon both the subject matter (current events) and the status of speakers (SU students) would be valid since they are reasonable and viewpoint-neutral.
Within this framework Reed equates SCHW and SCEF with the abolitionists.
The Saudi Associations has planned the first professional, scientific and medical societies meet of the Kingdom, scheduled to take place on the sidelines of the 2nd SCEF in the capital next week.
In the decades that followed, Anne Braden wrote about her experiences and worked with SCEF and other organizations, including the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.
The meet, which is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the SCEF 2014, will be held on Nov.
They both were hounded for years by the House Un-American Activities Committee because of their work with the SCEF.