SCELSouth Carolina Education Lottery (est. 2002)
SCELStanding Committee on Environmental Law (American Bar Association)
SCELSignal Corps Engineering Laboratory (US Army)
SCELSpokane College of English Language (Spokane, WA)
SCELSequent Corporate Electronic Library (software)
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2] exists the redundancy related to combining algorithms, output SCEL (1) if [r.
2] where the redundancy related to combining algorithms has been eliminated (2) SCEL (1) [r.
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, this maxim was frequently referenced in short summaries and discussions of the poem, often in contrast with the maxim Gaed a wyrd swa hio scel (455b).
Wyrd spares the 'undoomed' man because he is unfaege ('undoomed, brave, blessed'): Gaed a wyrd swa hio scel.
Thus, in Late WestSaxon we find rehte, seh, gef and scel.
Scel fa mbid curaidh ag caoi, Boill luthmhara an laoich on Ghleann Roinnte ar sparra chruaidhbheann chlach D'eis claochluighthe a ndath 's a ndealbh.
7) Here O'Cuiv illustrates the shifts in meaning among three Irish terms associated with narrative: scel approximates the truth; arrumainte refers to events which might happen but did not; and stair recounts actual events.
TABLE 4 Job terminations in 1985 among SCEL respondents aged 19-59, by part-time/full-time, and trade union status Job terminations as % of all employed in 1985 Males Females Total Part-time employee 45.
In the year ended 31st December 2016, SCEL had gross and net assets of approximately GBP 1,480,956 (USD 2,098,560) and GBP 603,408 (USD 854,430) respectively and made a loss of GBP 3,536 (USD 5,007).
This is not surprising, since scel 'happiness' occurs in Old English poetry although, according to the information given by the Toronto Old English corpus, the word is more common in the sense of 'occasion', 'a fit time' (cf.
The company has disclosed that SCEL will manage its operation with its existing name and deliver engineering services at Manchester in England.