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SBLSociety of Biblical Literature
SBLSouth Bend Lathe
SBLSarah Bush Lincoln (Mattoon, IL)
SBLSmall Business Loan (finance)
SBLScenario-Based Learning
SBLSuperficial Back Line (anatomy)
SBLSimulation Based Learning (various locations)
SBLSecondary Boot Loader
SBLSimilarity Based Learning
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SBLSound Blaster Live
SBLSoftbridge Basic Language
SBLSelected Bit Line
SBLScenario Based E-Learning
SBLSymbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE symbol)
SBLSpamhaus Block List
SBLSpace-Based Laser
SBLSchool Building Leader
SBLSecurities Borrowing and Lending
SBLSupreme Beings of Leisure (band)
SBLStatistical Bin Limit (semiconductors)
SBLSurface Boundary Layer
SBLSoundBlaster Live!
SBLState Bank of Lizton (Lizton, IN)
SBLStraight Bill of Lading (shipping)
SBLSet Back Line (various locations)
SBLstyrene-butadiene latex
SBLSchool of Business and Leadership (University of Puget Sound)
SBLSustainment Battle Lab (US Army)
SBLSoldier Battle Lab (US Army)
SBLSouthern Bicycle League (Georgia)
SBLSilas Bronson Library (Waterbury, CT)
SBLSociety for Barefoot Living (est. 1994)
SBLSpecial Bureau for Loading
SBLSouthmost Branch Library (Texas)
SBLStadium Builder License (football)
SBLSuper Basic Language
SBLSeeing the Bible Live Ministries
SBLSubledger (accounting)
SBLStock Borrow Loan
SBLScanned Beam Laminography (mechanical image integration process)
SBLSanta Barbara Labs
SBLStored Basic Load
SBLSmall Basketball League
SBLSideband Level
SBLSeborgan Luigino (ISO currency code)
SBLSimultaneous Broadcast Level
SBLSealed Beam Lamp
SBLStandard Baseline
SBLSaturday Blitz League (chess group)
SBLSpeaker Back Left
SBLSerikat Buruh Logam (Indonesia Metal Workers Union)
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The scenario-based learning and the global view might benefit students' forethought.
e-comprehension In the scenario-based learning process, examples of vocational practices were provided through the server.
Scenario-based learning is learning that occurs in a contextual, situational, or social framework (Kindley, 2002).
Scenario-based learning has been used effectively in a variety of training situations, and has been particularly effective in the service industries.
To facilitate such learning transfer, scenario-based learning (Clarke, & Mayer, 2011; Clark, 2009; Kindley, 2002) is proposed based on the principles of situated learning theory (Lave & Wenger, 1991), which argues that learning should be situated in a specific context, or embedded in a particular social and physical environment (Kindley, 2002).
The major goal of this procurement is for the selected Respondent to deliver a crisis intervention curricula with an emphasis on verbal interventions and scenario-based learning that is customized for the different audiences that work directly with youth.
Some of the trends in corporate technology and training documented at that time included: creating courses for use on mobile devices, using scenario-based learning and branching to create meaningful lessons, implementing video and 3D opportunities for realworld learning scenarios, and providing performance support for learners' postgraduate and workforce preparation.
Cameo[R] is a web-based tool that delivers scenario-based learning reinforcement via email.
In chapter 4 the authors discuss scenario-based learning and provide examples from a Master of Arts in Teacher Education (International) program, referred to as MATE-I.
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