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SOCOScenes of Crime Officer (UK law enforcement evidence gatherer)
SOCOSouthern Comfort
SOCOSouthern Colorado
SOCOSomething Corporate (band)
SOCOScene of the Crime Operatives (Philippine National Police)
SOCOSonoma County (California)
SOCOStandards Of Conduct Office (US DoD)
SOCOScene of Crime Officers
SOCOSocial Company
SOCOSingle Overriding Communication Objective
SOCOScion Owners Club of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)
SOCOSouth of Commonwealth District (Fullerton, CA)
SOCOSt. Onge Company (engineering consulting)
SOCOSandia Oil Company (Albuquerque, NM)
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Det Supt Phil Bladen, from the Staffordshire Police Professional Standards department, said: "Officers from our Major Investigations Department have carried out an investigation relating to cases the 48-year-old former scenes of crime officer attended.
Similarly if a family returns home from a weekend away to find their house had been burgled, it would mean a specialist scenes of crime officer could be first on the scene.
Three detectives and a scenes of crime officer were sent, following a formal request from the Jamaican authorities.
Mrs O'Loan was also critical of the Scenes of Crime Officer, saying: "Evidence was left exposed to the elements overnight and to the possibility of loss of forensic value.
Scenes of crime officer Calum Esplin, who went to Arthur's house after Scott died there, said a drawer was open exposing syringes.
A scenes of crime officer with West Midlands Police has been awarded a prestigious travelling fellowship to shadow police officers in New York.
Three British detectives and a scenes of crime officer were sent to help, after a formal request from the Jamaican authorities.
As well as fingerprint kits, the 30 children aged eight and nine were shown the full range of equipment that a scenes of crime officer carries onboard an incident vehicle, such as specialist lights for searching for blood and cameras to record evidence.
Scenes of crime officer Graham Sighe won pounds 12,113 compensation after being unfairly dismissed from Grampian Police.
Scenes of crime officer Raymond Eddie,45, showed the jury pictures taken at the scene which included Mrs Bassi's blood-stained body.
Glyn Jones, scenes of crime officer, and Pc Judith Ford then visited the school to allow students the opportunity to experience some practical forensic activities.