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SXBStrasbourg, France - Entzheim (Airport Code)
SXBScenix (PIC clone; basic language source file)
SXBSuper Extended Bus (computing)
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The iSX Server configuration of the Scenix SX-Stack is specifically intended for Web serving applications.
Modem and UART Virtual Peripheral modules can be downloaded for free directly from the Scenix Web site (www.
The SceniX acceleration engine has been a critical part of our success in the automotive styling industry," said Christian Matzen, COO, ICIDO, a global leader in virtual engineering solutions.
By using the SceniX engine to power our scene graph, we easily incorporated the CompleX engine to keep navigation smooth for 10 GB scenes, and the PhysX 64-bit engine to study the challenges off shore oil rigs must face.
The system, though, had to be the most cost-effective, smallest form factor solution possible, which is why we chose the Scenix communications controller chip as the heart of our implementation.
The source code for the protocol modules is contained on the CD-ROM that comes with the evaluation kit, and is also available on the Scenix Web site.
To achieve our goal, we are forming a partnership with Scenix to integrate the Scenix Embedded Internet Processor and pre-built software modules into our products.
The response to our fund-raising activity was incredible, and we're very excited about both the size of the equity investment and the caliber of the investors," said Bulent Celebi, president and CEO of Scenix.
With native support in our Application Acceleration Engines, such as SceniX, artists around the world will be able to more easily unleash the massive power of our GPUs.
The kit, which has a 10-baseT Ethernet physical interface, allows OEMs to quickly and easily evaluate and become familiar with using the Scenix TCP/IP protocol stack.
As with previous Scenix modem reference designs, the new V.