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Release 3 includes a minor schema update pertaining to AdTicket XMP panels and a first release of maintenance updates for the bookings and materials specifications ( to download the newly approved release and additional information).
In this case, the user is responsible for updating the UnitsML schema, when schema updates are available on the UnitsML server.
Given that changes other than data updates are possible, there is now also a need for the development of algorithms for detecting data and schema updates in diverse sources in order to include an even larger class of possible data providers in an information integration system.
While data warehouse maintenance under data updates of information sources is a fairly well-established field, maintenance under a mixture of data and schema updates remains largely unexplored [10, 11].
Hence, though the order of schema updates at different workstations may be different, they will eventually become consistent.
A framework for schema updates in an object-oriented database system.
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