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SZASolar Zenith Angles
SZASarzana (gang)
SZASchizoaffective Disorder (psychosis)
SZASunyaev-Zeldovich Array (astronomy; telescope)
SZASurf-Zone Array
SZASafety Zone Area
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At age 15, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type.
However, only a few knew that he was suffering from schizoaffective disorder, a combination of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
The study investigated the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of transferring patients diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder and stabilised on oral risperidone to BB0817 (risperidone) implant.
Here, we present a case of a patient with an absent septum pellucidum who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Mood disorders and psychotic features may be a manifestation of agenesis of the septum pellucidum due to its potential role in the limbic system.
J, age 54, has a history of schizoaffective disorder and violence, which led to his incarceration.
Siblings of individuals with schizophrenia were at 9.4-fold increased risk of subsequent hospitalization for schizophrenia, 8.5-fold relative risk for schizoaffective disorder, and 7.7-fold increased risk for bipolar disorder, compared with controls.
Prosecutor Anthony Orchard, QC, said mother-of-three Edwards had a long history of mental illness and had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.
Decades after 'Schizoaffective Disorder' was coined by Kasanin, it remains poorly understood.
The term 'schizoaffective disorder' was introduced in 1933, by Jacob Kasanin, who applied it to a small group of patients with severe mental disorders with abrupt debut.
Other disorders listed included major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder, acute and transient disorder, and stimulant related disorder.
After doctors diagnosed Jessie with bipolar disorder, and Jessie's son, Calen Pick, with schizoaffective disorder, Close was determined to learn more about mental illness.