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SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SOAService-Oriented Architecture (computing)
SOAState Of the Art
SOASarbanes-Oxley Act
SOASega of America
SOASecondary Organic Aerosol
SOASociety Of Actuaries
SOASkies of Arcadia (Sega Dreamcast video game)
SOASecretary of Agriculture
SOASorbic Acid
SOASemiconductor Optical Amplifier
SOASafe Operating Area
SOASchool of the Americas (Fort Benning, GA, USA)
SOAService Oriented Approach
SOASource of Authority
SOAStart of Authority (domain name system record)
SOASons of Anarchy (TV show)
SOASex Offender Act
SOASchool of Accountancy (various universities)
SOAseksueel overdraagbare aandoening (Dutch: sexually transmitted disease)
SOASwiss Olympic Association (sports federation)
SOASenior Office Administrator
SOAService Oriented Application
SOAScope of Appointment (health insurance)
SOAShadow of Amn (Baldur's Gate 2 game)
SOASociety of Advocates (various locations)
SOAState Of Art
SOAService Orientierte Architektur (German: Service-Oriented Architecture)
SOASafety Oversight Audit (various organizations)
SOASoftware-Oriented Architecture (systems development)
SOASoldier of Allah
SOAState Of Alaska
SOAService of Architecture
SOAState of Alert
SOAService Oriented Architecture
SOAStart of Authority
SOASun Online Account
SOASpring Over Axle
SOASuper Output Area (statistics)
SOAState Oceanic Administration
SOAStatement of Advice
SOASales Order Acknowledgement (purchases)
SOASuperior Officers Association (various locations)
SOAStimulus Onset Asynchrony (medical)
SOASoldiers of Apocalypse (gaming guild)
SOAStatement of Account
SOASpecial Operations Australia (Joint Allied special forces unit )
SOASpecial Operations Aviation
SOASubaru of America, Inc.
SOAScottish Optoelectronics Association
SOAService Order Administration
SOASummit of the Americas
SOASocietà Organismo di Attestazione (Italian)
SOAStatement of Applicability (ISO)
SOASpecial Operating Agency
SOASouthern Orthopaedic Association
SOAState of Alert (band)
SOASuomen Opiskelija Asunnot (Finnish: Finnish Student Apartments)
SOASilicon Optical Amplifier
SOASpeed Of Advance
SOASeparate Operating Agency
SOASoftware and Order Administration
SOASpecial Operations Aircraft
SOASame Old Architecture (computer architecture)
SOAStarfighters of Adumar (gaming)
SOAStatement of Assurance
SOAService Order Activation
SOASun Online Account (computing)
SOAStanding Offer Agreement
SOASuit of Armour (gaming)
SOASummary of Action
SOASpecial Operations Augmentation
SOASteadicam Operators Association
SOASexually Oriented Advertising
SOAStatement of Authority
SOAStrategic Offensive Arms
SOASigurnosno Obavještajna Agencija (Security and Intelligence Agency)
SOASystem Outage Analysis
SOAState of Affair (linguistics)
SOASisterhood of Avalon (international celtic women's mysteries organization)
SOASustained Operations Ashore (USMC)
SOAStatement Of Agreement
SOASpecial Operations Area
SOASystem of Authority
SOAScreams of Abel (band zine)
SOASindicato Obrero Aragonés (Aragonese Labor Union)
SOASlipper Orchid Alliance
SOASin Otro Apellido (Spanish: No Other Surname)
SOAShortness of Air
SOASenior Office Assistant
SOAStart Of Address
SOASeams Operating Agreement
SOAScourge of Armageddon (Quake game)
SOAShade of Aran (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOASwelling of Ankles (medical)
SOASpeed Of Approach
SOAStupid Orientation Abstractions
SOAStock Option Analysis
SOAStart Of Availability
SOASatellite Oceanographic Analysis
SOAServicewide Office Automation
SOASticker of Authenticity
SOASystems Operability Assessment
SOAStamp Out Acronyms
SOASoldats de l'Opposition Algerienne
SOAStatement of Insurance
SOASpecial Open Allotment
SOASporting Olympique Avignon (French: Olympic Sporting Avignon; France)
SOASociete Occidentale Africaine
SOASchedule of Authorization
SOASpas of America Marketing (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
SOASystem Operating Agreement
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"Before, there was a major school, the School of the Americas, where the best of our military men and police went to learn ideology," he said.
Army's School of the Americas, now named the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, which trained thousands of Salvadoran officers, including Garcia and others linked to the murders of Romero and the four churchwomen and to the El Mozote massacre.
He has pointed out that a short seclusion in total darkness can help an artist see better and this temporary loss of sight opened his eyes to what the gallery noted as a "new rigor and truth." This claim is supported by the admirable quantity and quality of his recent production that breaks new ground, including School of the Americas painted in 2010 (Figs.
Oscar Romero, School of the Americas. KUBARK and its kingdom
The film "On the Line," about the School of the Americas and the movement to shut it down will be shown free at 6:30 p.m.
support for wars in Latin America were sung from a stage positioned in front of the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia.
McGovern said of his attempts to shut the doors of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas.
In the quietest way possible, with neither fanfare nor ballyhoo, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias has agreed not to send any more Costa Rican police to the infamous US School of the Americas (SOA).
Support for WHINSEC (aka School of the Americas) in Congress has been eroding since it became public that the school continued to train known human rights abusers.
intelligence forces (the iconic photograph of the hooded Iraqi prisoner, with wires standing on the box at Abu Ghraib is known in intelligence circles as the Vietnam position), but also, as Harbury indicates, a torture tradition evolved and has been institutionalized (the infamous School of the Americas) and reinforced unlawfully by a parallel system of authorization (Attorney General Gonzales declaring obsolete the Geneva Agreement regarding prisoners of war) that bypasses the law and tolerates torture.
Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin has agreed to serve on the advisory board of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the School of the Americas, according to the National Catholic Reporter.
The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas, by Lesley Gill.
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